Androcles And The Lion Story

Aandrocles and the lion Story


Androcles And The Lion Story 


Friends, in this post we are sharing the story of Androcles and the Lion. This is an ancient legend of Aesop.


This story describes the emotional connection and attachment between a lion and a man. Along with this, human qualities like kindness, benevolence and gratitude have also been emphasized in this story. Read full story:-


A man named Androcles was a slave of the emperor of Rome. One day, fed up with the atrocities on himself, he ran away from the palace and hid in the forest.

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In the forest he encountered a lion, which was in an injured state and was repeatedly raising its paw.


At first Androcles was frightened, but then, showing kindness, he went to the lion. The thorn was pricked in the lion's paw. He took out the thorn and took care of the injured lion for a few days.


The lion was cured by the care of Androcles. In gratitude he started licking Androcles' hand. Then he quietly went to his cave.

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Here the emperor's soldiers were looking for Androcles. After all, one day he was caught. He was presented before the emperor. The emperor was very angry. He ordered Androcles to be thrown before the hungry lion.


Androcles And The Lion Story In English


On the day Androcles was to be thrown before the lion, all the people of Rome gathered in a field. Androcles was thrown into the cage of a hungry lion in front of everyone.


Androcles was scared. He was seeing death in front of him. He started remembering God.

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The lion moved towards Androcles. Androcles became sweaty. The lion came to Androcles. Androcles closed his eyes in fear. But what is this? Instead of killing Androcles, the lion started licking his hand. The emperor, the whole public, and Androcles were astonished.


Eventually, Androcles understood that it may or may not be the same lion he had cared for when he was injured. He knew Androcles. He also started calling the lion and stroking his back.


Seeing this, the emperor ordered the soldiers to take Androcles out of the cage. He asked Androcles, "What did you do that the lion started licking your hand instead of killing you."

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Androcles narrated the incident to him in the forest and said, "Sir, when the lion was injured, I took care of it only for a few days. It did not kill me because of this favor. But, I have served you for many years. Despite this, you are taking my life."


The emperor's heart sank. He freed Androcles and also freed the lion in the forest.


Androcles And The Lion Story Moral


  • Have a feeling of kindness towards everyone, whether it is human or animal.
  • Always be grateful to those who favor you.

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