Ant and Grasshopper Stories For Kids

Ant and Grasshopper Stories


Ant and Grasshopper Stories


Ant and Grasshopper Stories- There lived a grasshopper named Harry in a forest. He was cool by nature. The grasshopper didn't do any work. The grasshopper used to roam around in the forest all day wearing a cap on his head. Sometimes the grasshopper would eat green grass and sometimes go to the pond and enjoy the sun.


Ant and Grasshopper Stories 

The grasshopper loved the summer. the cool and fragrant air of the rainy season fascinated him. When the grasshopper was very happy, he used to hum a song.


Ant and Grasshopper Stories

One day the grasshopper while roaming in the forest saw a banana that was very sweet. He ate all the bananas, now his stomach was so full that even the grasshopper could not be blown away. The grasshopper thought that why not lie down in the shade of a tree and sleep for a while. Thinking so, Harry fell asleep under a big tree.


After some time, when the grasshopper opened his eyes, he saw that many ants were picking up food items on their heads and storing them in their house. Some of those ants were also collecting dry leaves and wood etc.


The grasshopper jumped and went to them and said to the ants - "What are you doing? Are you having a party today so you are collecting so much food? The ants knew grasshopper nature, they said no, Harry! We don't have any party here.


Harry Grasshopper asked again, why are you hoarding so much food? On this an ant told him that the summer season is about to leave and now winter is about to come, so we are storing food because food is not easily available in winter. You should also store some food for yourself so that you also do not face any problem of eating during the winter season.


Ant and Grasshopper Stories

The grasshopper said with a laugh – instead of enjoying such good weather, you are working so hard. You will get food anyway, there is still a long time for winter to come, let us all play together.


The ants refused him. Now the grasshopper was roaming here and there looking at them.


Suddenly the grasshopper heard a voice - "Save-Save." When the grasshopper went and saw that an ant was flowing in the water of the river.


The grasshopper immediately flew there and brought that ant out safely by sitting on its back.

Ant and Grasshopper Stories For Kids

The ant thanked the grasshopper. The grasshopper smiled and went on jumping from there singing the song.


Winter time had come. All the green leaves had dried up from the trees and snow was falling all around.

Ant and Grasshopper Stories

Now the grasshopper was not getting anything to eat, there was not even a dry leaf left far from getting grass in the forest, which he could eat to satisfy his hunger.


The grasshopper's condition was getting worse due to cold and hunger. Now the grasshopper remembered the words of those ants whom he had not listened to and made fun of. Now the grasshopper went to the ants' bill and knocked on their door.


An ant came out, he asked, what is the matter, grasshopper? He said, “I am very hungry and feeling cold too can I have something to eat.” While both were still talking, the queen ant reached there with other ants. In the meantime, Harry fainted due to trembling and hunger.


The ant told all the things to the queen ant and also told that Harry the grasshopper is kind-hearted and also saved one of our fellow ants from drowning in the river.


Hearing the whole thing, Queen Ant said that we should help the grasshopper. He ordered the other ants to build a house for the grasshopper to live near their burrow with leaves and wood.


All the ants together made a house for the grasshopper and made hot soup and fed it to the grasshopper, which removed the grasshopper's cold and the grasshopper soon got up. The grasshopper thanked the queen ant and other ants for saving their lives.


Queen Ant said listen grasshopper! You are a kind and good grasshopper. Always remember that keeping in view the future, we should fulfill our needs in time, otherwise there is a lot of problem. Hope you will take care of this in future. Harry thanked him for his suggestion. Now he had learned a good lesson.

Ant and Grasshopper Stories Moral

Moral of the Ant and Grasshopper Stories - Keeping our future in mind, we should fulfill our needs in the present time itself.

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