Best Free Fishing Games 🐟 🐟 🐟

Best Free Fishing Games


Best Free Fishing Games 🐟 🐟 🐟


Friends, fishing or sailing is a fun and exciting task, have you ever caught fish with the help of a fork, if not, then it does not matter, today we have brought you the best free fishing games.


You can catch all kinds of fish in these games and you can also do fish farming. In this post, we have brought the best free fishing games for Android, so let's see the list of the best exciting fishing games.....

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List of Latest Free Fishing Games


Ace Fishing: Wild Catch


Ace Fishing: Wild Catch fishing games that are free

Guys Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Fishing Game is very fun and dangerous games, if you really want to enjoy fishing then you must play this game once.


Guys this fishing game allows Android users to catch fish at some of the most beautiful fishing spots in the world. You can catch many types of fish in this game whose name you have never heard.


You can easily upgrade the fishing rod, fishing cord and other accessories in this fish game. In this game you can enjoy fishing in locations ranging from the Amazon River to the rivers in other parts of the world. And in the latest update Ace Fishing Game has now added the Atlantis location to the map.


This fishing game is free to play and offers simple controls. This fishing game comes with some in-app purchases and a worldwide leader board. It records your fishing and you can share your score with friends.


Fish Master


Fish Master - fishing games that are free

Guys Fish Master is a simple Android free fishing game where you jump in a boat and start investigating to catch the biggest fish.


Your ultimate objective in this game is to repeatedly break your highest score and advance to the next level. The depth of the river and the length of your fishing rod increases as you complete several levels.

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This is a premium title that is available for around $3. However, most of the items available in the in-game shop can be purchased without spending real money. You can simply complete some daily tasks and claim free cash.


Fishing Hook


Fishing Hook- fishing games that are free

Guys you might find fishing hook game easy to play, but it is one of the toughest android free fishing games because it requires precision and aiming while fishing. You need to be well versed with rod mechanics to play this game properly.


Each of your achievements and rankings in this game are stored in a database and can be displayed on your profile. Also, the game features offline play, which is great news for those who have a weak internet connection or travel constantly.


Rapala Fishing Game


Rapala free Fishing Game

Friends, if you love to catch a lot of fish where there is no end to the level then Rapala Fishing is the fishing game worth playing. It has several levels with adjustable difficulty where you choose a great location in North America to catch some of the rarest species of fish.


In this game, you can create new combos while fishing and use your skills to make things more interesting. Also in this game you can invite other players and challenge them to showcase your skills to prove who is the best fishing hunter.


3dcarp Fishing Game


3dcarp Fishing Game that are free

Friends, 3dcarp fishing game is all about collecting different types of fish species. The best part about this game is that you only have to pay once to get full access to all the premium content in the game.

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To make the game more exciting, it has a wide range of customize able rigs that you can choose from depending on the species of fish inside the river. And if we talk about rivers and lakes, then it has 13 rivers and four lakes respectively.


Ace Fishing: Wild Catch


Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Best Free Fishing Games

Friends, if you want to explore the 3D sea while fishing, then Ace Fishing game will not let you down. You start the journey in this game in Hanauma Bay and travel the deep Amazon river. It has one touch controls, which makes the rod easy to handle.


This fish game has a lure crafting system that assigns you tasks and grades after completing them and your name can appear on the global leader board. It also adds a little adventure as you travel and explore every corner of the earth.


Fishing Strike Game


Fishing Strike Game best fish game

Guys Fishing Strike is one of the best free fishing games for Android mobiles. This allows you to catch different types of fish in different places.


In this fishing game you get to catch fish, complete levels, rank up, play with your friends and unlock gear. There are more than 500 varieties of fish in this game that you can hunt.


The game's home screen gives you access to all the settings and there's a globe in the center that you can rotate to access all the unlocked levels. One of the cool things about Fishing Strike is that you can play the game as many times as you want.


Fishing Strike fishing game also gives you the option to build your own aquarium and bring it to life with VR mode. In AR mode, you can see the fish moving in real life.


My Fishing World Game


My free Fishing World Game

My Fishing World free Fishing Game is a cool and realistic looking game for Android. It comes with a day and night cycle and is matched to real time. This game provides a great fishing experience. My Fishing World game has a simple user interface and game play.


Friends In this game you can chat with other players online as long as you keep on fishing. You will not be bored in this game at all. There are many species of fish to catch in this game.


Friends, there are many places in this game where you can catch different types of fish. You can store all your trophies in one album and get detailed information about each trophy. One of the great things about My Fishing World is that you can play the game offline as well.


Let's Fish


Let's Fish -fishing games for android free download

Friends this is another fun and exciting fishing game available on play store. In this game you can fish in more than 60 locations around the world. In addition, this fish game has over 650 species of fish such as catfish, albacore, skipjack tuna, salmon, coelacanth, peacock bass and even white sharks and whales.


This popular Android fishing game has an online multiplayer mode, so you can play with your friends. There is also an online chat feature, which allows you to talk with connected players. In this game you have different types of fishing tackle and rod, hook, line, reel, landing net, bait, ground bait, buff to collect.


This fishing game offers an authentic gaming experience where you will not be able to catch a big fish with a small rod. For fishing you need to constantly upgrade and choose fishing equipment.


Fishing Clash


Fishing Clash - fishing game for free

Friends Fishing Clash game is developed by the same developers who developed Let's Fish: Sport Fishing Game. This game covers all the basics of fishing when it comes to fishing simulation. The graphics of this game are quite good and there are good details about the fish.


There are several popular locations to choose from in the Amazon, the Kenai Rivers, and the deep sea to hunt fish in this game. And there are hundreds of different species of fish to catch. In this game you can catch rare breed of fish.

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Friends Fishing Clash offers tournament battle royal where 4-8 people come together in one place to get the highest score. You have to play this game regularly to level up. Overall this game is a good fishing simulation game with lots of modes to play.


My Fishing  World


My Fishing  World - big fishing game

Friends My Fishing World game is not just about catching fish but also expanding your knowledge about aquatic animals. Yes, the game has an encyclopedia-like feature that contains all the scientific information about the fish you catch.


Along with the fishes there are also rare and scary monsters in the water that have to be caught. You can complete and unlock new challenges to earn free gifts to upgrade your fishing gear. We really hope you have enjoyed one of these android free fishing games.


Best Free Fishing Games For Android


Friends, there are tons of free fishing games available on the Google Play Store that you can easily download and play, but they are either full of ads or don't provide you with great game play. The fishing game apps we listed above are good in a few areas.

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