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Top 7+ Doctor Games For Kids 🚑


Have you ever imagined yourself to be a doctor in childhood? Did you want to help people by becoming a doctor or want to save people's lives? In childhood, almost everyone had such a dream that by becoming a doctor and treating people, then this Doctor Games for kids is totally for you.


This is the right time when you can make your dreams come true by playing the game! Here is a list of the Best 7 doctor games for kids from the App Store and Google Play. Most of them are free games. The only thing you need to do is to download it and become a doctor and do the treatment.

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My Hospital: Doctor Game For Kids


My Hospital: Doctor Game For Kids

My Hospital: Doctor Game is a real challenge! In this game you'll learn what you need to do to keep the hospital running. Control the staff's work, try to solve new problems in order to customize your hospital and expand your hospital business, so this fun and challenging Doctor game is just for you.


In My Hospital: Doctor Game, you'll have to face very difficult tasks, you'll have to become a Universal Doctor.

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A key factor in success in this game is a good concentration which enhances your multitasking skills.


This doctor game for kids is very special because:-


This is the perfect game for all ages. My Hospital: Doctor Game will be interesting for you and your kids and friends.


In this game you need to control your timing and use your skills wisely.


A great opportunity to train your skills in this game, practice it on a daily basis and try to learn something new every time you play.


Do your best to get coins and gems to upgrade your equipment and customize your hospital in this game.


In this game you can share your progress with others through social media.


That's why this fun and challenging Doctor game for kids is totally for you and this Game App is completely free. You can download it now from Google Play.


Doctor Kids 2 Game


Doctor Games For Kids

If you're looking for a game that's perfect for your little one, Doctor Kids 2 game is a great game. This game is specially designed for children of 6 to 12 years of age. There are no detail photos of organs and operations in this game so this fun and challenging Doctor game for kids is totally for you.

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In this game you will try to play the role of a doctor who specializes in treating children. In this game you will help them to deal with diseases like flu, measles, smallpox and many other problems.


There are some tasks in this game in which the patient cannot be cured at once. In such a case you will have to see the patient several times to help him make a complete recovery.


This game is absolutely free and this game app is only for Android users. Download it for free from Google Play.


Superhero Dentist Game


Superhero Dentist Games of doctor

Are you dreaming about becoming a dentist? If yes, then here is a great game for you. Superhero Dentist is an exclusive Doctor Game App that gives you the chance to understand what it's like to be a real dentist.


Here you can choose one of 6 patients and practice your medical skills on them. You must be precise, careful and well aware of your duties.


This game has some instructions for you which will help you to understand how to play the game. The interface of the game is very simple, even a small child will easily understand it.

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Use dental tweezers and various mouth sprays to prevent tooth decay in this game and fight bacteria to prevent tooth decay.


You can also make your own toothpaste - mix any number of ingredients to reach the best results.


So this fun and challenging Doctor game for kids is totally for you and this game is available for Android users.


911 Ambulance Doctor Game For Kids


911 Ambulance Doctor Game For Kids

This is the best doctor games for kids in Google Play Store. You will never be bored in this Doctor Game App. There will always be someone in this game who is in dire need of your help.


In this game you heal broken bones, fight flu and allergies, help a kid who swallowed a piece of plastic. The most important thing in this game is that you don't have to be late in any work.


To work for 911 Ambulance Doctor Game, you have to be ready for every moment and don't waste your time.


In this game you can upgrade your stuff like set new records, enhance your ambulance car and Upgrade your medical equipment.


911 Ambulance Doctor is completely free. The game also has some in-app purchases that will enhance the quality of the game.


911 Ambulance Doctor Game is aimed at children in the age group of 3 to 7. You can play it with your small child.


911 Ambulance Doctor Game is the perfect educational tool that will teach your child about how an ambulance works.


So this fun and challenging Doctor game for kids is totally for you and the game can be downloaded from Google Play store.


Operate Now: Hospital Game Of Doctor


Operate Now: Hospital Game Of Doctor love

This Game App gives you the perfect opportunity to become an advanced surgeon in an online hospital. Operate Now: Hospital game is considered one of the best simulation games so this Doctor game for kids is totally for you.


In this game you can do any type of surgery so download this doctor game and become an advanced surgeon and hospital manager. All types of operations are available in this game.


However, this app is not just about surgery and medical work. The more success you achieve in this game, the more chances you will get. You can use them to upgrade your hospital.


Build your hospitals around the world and be a good manager! In this game you hire new doctors and staff.


Keep in mind that the game is rated 17+, making it impossible for kids to play with. There are many pictures that may bother some people.

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This Doctor Game App is free, but it offers some in-app purchases, which are additional. All basic stuff is free. 'Operate Now: Hospital game' is available in App Store and Google Play Store.


Heart's Medicine Game Of Doctor


Heart's Medicine Game Of Doctor

This is another fun doctor game, but it differs from the doctor game apps listed here for several reasons. Not only do you have to be the perfect Doctor in Heart's Medicine Game, but you'll also get involved in a love story, so this fun Doctor game is just for you.


Imagine that you are a young woman who has graduated from nursing school and you come to the hospital for a practice. As you do all the work and gain experience, you suddenly realize that you have fallen in love!


There are more than 100 awesome stages in this doctor game. You can get a new daily challenge every time you start playing. Collect bonuses to achieve success and unlock new tasks.


To play this game you will need some time management skills at high stage, there are many patients and few doctors in this game.


The game is free, but when you want to unlock new items faster or skip certain levels, the game offers some in-app purchases that you can take advantage of by using in-app purchases.


Heart's Medicine Game is rated 12+ because it contains some detailed photos of the operation. Heart's Medicine Game App is available for Android and iOS users.


Real Surgery Doctor Game For Kids


Real Surgery Doctor Game For Kids

Real Surgery Doctor Game has an amazing opportunity to put your best effort into surgery. Here you can find all kinds of diseases that can be cured by surgery so this fun Doctor game for kids is totally for you.


You have to be very attentive to have a good and successful surgery in this game. You don't have to rush in this game because you have the responsibility of a patient's life.


The game is very easy to play due to the easy and friendly interface of this Doctor Game. You won't have to read any instructions you'll understand at once what to do.


In Real Surgery Doctor game you will have a complete set of tools to perform surgery on any part of the body - heart, lungs, kidney, stomach and other parts of the body.


You can Zoom the screen during the operation in this doctor game. It helps you to be precise and careful during the operation.


The game is rated 4.0 in Google Play Store. Surgery in this Real Surgery Doctor game is completely free all you have to do download the game, this app is only available for Android users.

Doctor Games For Kids | All Doctor Games


           Friends, these are some doctor games for kids, which you and your kids learn something by playing, for complete and correct information about these doctor games for kids, download the game once and try playing


If you like any other Doctor games other than these games, then also tell us in the comments, we will add that game to our list with your name!

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