The Eagle And The Chicken Story With Moral

The Eagle And The Chicken Story


The Eagle And The Chicken Story


Once an eagle was flying in search of its food. Then he saw the chicken eating grains on the ground.


The eagle descended by shrinking its wings and took away a child. He got the food for that day. The sun was setting behind the hill. It was evening. The eagle started going towards its nest.

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The eagle's nest was on a big banyan tree. Wild chickens also lived under that tree. All the chickens were making noise and going towards their den. The eagle also reached its nest. Some chickens started blooming with the food they brought for their babies.


After a few days, the eagle got old, its wings also became weak, it was now unable to see properly. The eagle started to feel very sorry.


The chickens living under the banyan tree were watching the condition of that eagle and were talking among themselves that the poor eagle has become old now. She can't even satisfy her hunger. What will happen to him?

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A chicken said that let's do one thing, we will give him food.


Then the second chicken said that the food we bring is less for our children only. We will not be able to fill the stomach of the eagle. We can only give him some food.


The male hen said that there is a solution for that. There are other chickens like us. This eagle will take care of us and all the other chickens' babies. In return, the chickens will give a small part of their diet to the eagle.

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The female chickens also agreed and said that this would also protect everyone's children.


Both the chickens went to that eagle. And told the eagle not to worry, we will bring food for you. You take good care of our children.


The eagle said - leave his worry. I will take good care of your children. If someone disturbs the children, I will tear them apart with my beak.


Hearing this, both the chickens were very happy. And the next day all the chickens made a flock and went out in search of food.


The big eagle repeatedly went down from the tree to keep an eye on the cubs of chickens.


Then a cat came there and started whispering in his mind that humans have become very intelligent. Can't even get a little milk. When they are inside, they do not let me in and when they go out, all the doors are closed.

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Due to lack of food in the city, she came far in the forest and started feeling thirsty while walking.


Then he heard the sound of water from somewhere. He went near and saw that there was a very big river.


While drinking water, she remembered the old days when she used to drink milk full of stomach.


The Story Of The Eagle And The Chicken In English


Meanwhile, he heard the chirping of chickens. He saw a very big tree and guessed that there must be many chickens living under this tree and this sound sounds like the children of those chickens, they cannot run away. All the chickens must have gone in search of food.


I do my work. Saying this, the cat was very happy. The cat crawled to the tree. There were small chickens in the hut. The cat happily started moving slowly towards the hen's babies. Hearing his voice, the hen's children got scared and started crying.


Hearing the sound of the hen's children, the eagle thought that some trouble must have come. She cried loudly even though she could not see properly. He asked who are there.


When there was no answer, he warned back, if you do not tell then I will kill you right now.


The cat thought that now he is trapped, some remedy has to be done.


She went to the eagle and greeted him.


The eagle said - why are you giving me false greetings. Your life is not worth it.

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The cat said: Don't be angry. I have heard a lot about you. It was a great pleasure to meet you after hearing your praises. I have found you many places. Saw you after so many days. Now even if I die, there is no sorrow.


But I will definitely tell you the reason for my coming here.


The eagle said: You must have come to eat the hen's babies.


Hearing this, the cat said: Oh my God, such a big charge on me. My life is useless now after hearing such a big thing from your mouth. It is better for me to die at the hands of a cultured person like you.


The eagle said: Well tell me, what do you want to say.


The cat said to the eagle: Let me tell the whole thing. Being born as a cat is a curse. Cat eats meat, so your thinking that I also eat meat is not wrong. But I am not like other cats.


I have given up eating meat a long time ago. I want to be holy. That's why I am making a living by eating grass and potatoes. I am learning good things by going to the temple every day.


The eagle said: Shut up, I do not listen to you, a meat-eating eater.


Hearing this, the cat cried out, oh God, accusing me of eating meat. For me, even hearing the name of the flesh is a great sin.


Saying this, the cat descends from the tree, takes a dip in the water and comes back to the eagle.


The eagle asked why are you coming after taking such a dip?


The cat said that I had to do this after hearing the name of the meat.


And I have heard that you are full of all virtues, so I have come to you to get knowledge.


The eagle got into his smooth talk and allowed him to come and talk every day.


The cat started coming to that tree every day and on its way, quietly from under the tree would catch some chickens and take them away. In this way many children of chickens disappeared.


The chickens could not understand how the children were disappearing. They started looking everywhere but the children were not visible anywhere. After looking some distance, he saw the bones of the children under the tree.


Seeing them, the chickens felt that their children were eating eagles.


In fact, the cat used to pick up a child every day and eat it.


The chickens thought that even after giving food, the eagle did not spare them. Everyone got angry and attacked the eagle and killed it.

Eagle And The Chicken Story Moral

That's why we should not trust unknown people.

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