Elephant And Dog Story 🐘 🐶

Elephant And Dog Story


Elephant And Dog Story 🐘 🐶


Till today we all must have heard stories of elephant and ant, elephant and lion, jokes, but hardly heard the story of friendship of elephant and dog or would be hearing it here for the first time.


In our country, in general, everyone considered the relationship between an elephant and a dog as a cat and a mouse. Elephants and dogs were considered natural enemies.


In general, seeing the huge elephant, the dog starts barking loudly to hide its fear and seeing the dog, the elephant becomes hot-tempered and runs to attack them.

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But the elephant and dog story that we are going to hear today will present a unique example of friendship.


Once upon a time, a royal elephant lived in a king's stable. The elephant looked very attractive and healthy in appearance.


The elephant was very healthy due to the royal food of the palace. A dog lived right next to him, who was very weak in appearance due to lack of food every day.

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The royal elephant used to get royal sweet rice to eat every day. The smell of rice used to attract the dog and bring it to the elephant's stall.


When the elephant used to eat food, the dog used to hide and watch. At the same time, when some rice was dropped from the elephant's mouth, then the dog used to go there and eat the rice that had fallen from the elephant's mouth.


While the elephant did not know that a dog is also eating rice with them. The dog used to reach there at the time of the elephant's meal and used to eat rice that had fallen from the mouth of the elephant.


Slowly after eating the royal rice, the dog started looking healthy and very attractive. When the elephant came to know that the dog was eating rice, the kind elephant used to let them eat.


Because of this, gradually the dog also did not fear the elephant and the elephant also did not have any problem with that dog. Gradually, both of them became good friends.


Both used to eat, play and spend time together.

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The elephant used to move around, back and forth, carrying the dog on its long trunk. They both became true friends of each other and never wanted to part.


Then one day an unknown man came from a village. When he was passing through the elephant pedestal, he saw that cute and charming dog playing with the elephant.


He liked that dog very much. He bought that dog from the elephant driver, although that dog did not even belong to that elephant driver.

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The unknown man bought that dog and took it to his village. Due to the departure of his friend, the elephant became very sad, he stopped eating and drinking.


The Elephant And The Dog Story In English


Seeing this condition of the elephant the driver of the elephant went and complained to the king.


The king consulted the minister about this problem. The wise minister felt that even animals are like humans, they also have feelings like humans.

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The minister went to the elephant's shed and saw that the elephant was very sad. They also felt that this elephant was always a happy creature, then what happened?


When he asked the security guard, the security guard told that, "The elephant had become very good friends with a dog.


They both always lived together, eating, playing, walking together. The elephant is deeply saddened by the loss of its dear friend. Some villager has taken his friend to his house.


After knowing all this, the minister called the doctor, then he also told that the elephant does not have any disease, it is just sad.


The minister took all this news to the king and he told that, sir, rest assured, your elephant is absolutely healthy, he does not have any disease, he is just sad because of the departure of his friend dog.


Hearing this, the king said that friendship is part of the value of life and the king also told the minister that, "I want to see my elephant happy, what to do so that it becomes happy again".


The minister said that we should make a news in our state that anyone who has taken a dog from the elephant's shed, should return it, otherwise he will have to pay the penalty.


On the very next day, the unknown man who had taken the dog, left it back in the elephant's stable.


Seeing the elephant, the dog ran towards the elephant at a very high speed and the elephant also ran towards its friend. The joy of meeting his friend was clearly visible in the eyes of the elephant.


As soon as the dog came closer, the elephant put it on its head with its trunk. The dog was also very happy to have found his friend.


Seeing this sight, the king was also very happy, because his elephant was now happy as before.


The king greatly appreciated this work of the minister and gave him a suitable reward.

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Now the elephant again started living a happy life with his beloved dog.


Elephant And Dog Story Moral

We learn from this elephant and dog story that friendship is very important in life. There is friendship among animals too.

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