Elephant And Rabbit Story 🐘 🐰

Elephant And Rabbit Story


Elephant And Rabbit Story 🐘 🐰


Elephant And Rabbit Story:- There was a huge group of elephants in a forest. the name of the king of that elephant group was John. He was very serious and mighty. Everyone was living happily under John's rule. He used to solve the problems of every small and big animal.


Once there was a drought in John's area due to lack of rain. All the animals of the forest got very upset and started craving for water and food.

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All the elephants asked John to take some remedy because now even the children of elephants started craving water drop by drop.


John already knew the whole problem but he could not find any solution. Then an elderly elephant said - "There was a similar drought during the time of my grandfather, then during his time the herd of elephants went towards the west and there is a huge lake whose water never dries up, we should also walk there."


The suggestion of the elderly elephant was liked by John and the entire group of elephants. Everyone decided to go there. It was very hot during the day, that's why everyone used to travel at night and after traveling for a few days, they reached that lake and everyone drank water and took bath.

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A large number of rabbits also lived around the lake. The arrival of elephants brought trouble to them. Now every day some rabbits used to come under the feet of elephants and some used to get seriously injured and some even died.


All the rabbits were very upset and called an emergency meeting. Different views were put in the meeting, someone advised to leave this place and go somewhere else, then someone else talked about taking revenge on the elephants.

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Rabbit And Elephant Story In English


Then a rabbit said - "Friends, elephant is a very big creature, it is not under the control of lion to win over it, we are very small creatures. We have to act on our own wisdom. We have to work smartly and drive away the elephants from here.


After this the rabbit told everyone a plan. All the rabbits liked his plan and decided to implement it.


Under the plan, a rabbit named Bunny was chosen as the main character of the plan because Bunny rabbit was very smart and very expert in making things. All the rabbits together made Bunny their messenger and sent it to the elephants.


Bunny the rabbit sat down on a high mound. Elephants used to go to drink water from near this mound, as soon as the herd of elephants passed by the mound, Bunny said - "Oh John! My name is Bunny and I am the messenger of the moon. The moon is our master and I have brought his message."

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John and his group suddenly stopped there and after listening to the little rabbit, John the elephant asked - "Hey brother! What message have you brought?"


Bunny Rabbit said - "Your herd has started living near this pond, due to which many rabbits living here died or were injured due to coming under the feet of elephants. Seeing all this, our adorable moon god is very angry and if the herd of elephants does not leave this place then they will curse you.

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John did not believe the words of Bunny and asked Bunny Rabbit - "Where is the moon? I want to see him too."


Bunny said - "Today the Moon God himself has come here, if you want to see him then come with me."


That night was a full moon night and the reflection of the moon was visible in the pond as if it were the real moon. Seeing the moon, John the elephant was horrified.


Seeing the condition of John the elephant, Bunny said - "John ! Now you are convinced and if you have any doubts, then the moon is in front of you, ask them.

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As soon as John took the trunk near the moon's reflection to bow down to the moon, in the same way the image started moving from the trunk of the wind. Seeing this, John was terrified and backed away.


Taking this as an opportune moment, Bunny Rabbit said - "Look John! How angry the moon god is, he is not even accepting your salutation.


That is why it is better, that you leave this place with your group as soon as possible. otherwise no one can save you from the wrath and curse of the moon.

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John elephant and his group left the place after hearing the words of Bunny Rabbit and out of fear. As soon as the elephants left, there was a wave of happiness in the rabbits and the hail of Bunny Rabbit started cheering all around.


A few days after the elephant herd left, it started raining and the water crisis ended. In this way the rabbit and the elephant all started living happily.


Elephant And Rabbit Story Moral


We learn from the elephant and rabbit story that with cleverness many times more powerful can be defeated and the biggest trouble can be got rid of.

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