Top 10+ Best Elephant Games ❤❤

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Top 10+ Best Elephant Games 


Friends, till today you must have seen elephant cartoons or heard the story of elephant. But today we have brought for you a fun, exciting, dangerous elephant games.


Friends, you are going to have a lot of fun in these elephant games. Because elephant game means a dangerous, big, wild, animal which has a lot of power and can destroy everything.

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Friends, in today's elephant games, you will play the role of an elephant in some elephant games and destroy the cities and in some elephant games you will play with small children of elephants, so let's start.


List of Best Elephant Games 

Friends, you can easily download and play elephant games on your Android mobile. So let's see which is The best Elephant Games.


1. Elephant Simulator 3D Game


Elephant Simulator 3D Game about elephant

Friends, in this elephant simulator 3d game you are as an elephant and your task is to create Destruction in the city and you can use cars, tractors, goats, planes, fire hydrants, men, women, wheels, quad bikes, and whatever. You see, you have to destroy it.


Whenever you create destruction and sabotage. So you get some points and as your points increase the power of your elephant will increase.


This elephant game has 72 missions and lots of rewards. This is a fun adventure game. You are going to have a lot of fun playing this elephant game.


Features of Elephant Simulator 3D Game


72 missions

6 Action Packed Maps

World ranking for elephant

Stampede with thrill

Fantastic 3D graphics and fast game play


2 . Ultimate Elephant Rampage 3D


Ultimate Elephant Rampage 3D Game about elephant

Friends, in this free-to-play elephant game, you as an angry elephant roam the city open and attack pedestrians, smash cars and knock things down.


Create a Frenzy in your way. Destroy an entire city with your massive body, with a nimble trunk and vigorous hooves. Cause the ultimate destruction in this fantasy 3D city.


Destroy all kinds of obstacles that come in your way i.e. cars, trucks, houses, trees - even people.


Features of Ultimate Elephant Rampage 3D Game


Multiple Action Packed Missions

Real looking elephant animation

Fantasy 3D town area with no shortage of hunting

Fantastic Game play with exciting challenges

Many elephants to choose from


3. Elephant Simulator 3D Safari


game about Elephant Simulator 3D Safari

Do you love to play elephant simulation game in your phone and tablet? Then you will definitely love this Dangerous Elephant Simulator 3D game.


Friends, elephants are very old and giant species, which are present from the Ice Age till today. You live the life of a giant sized elephant in this game and save this giant creature from the wild animal.


In this white elephant simulator games you are an elephant and you have lost your family and herd in the jungle. Now you are alone and many ferocious animals like lion, cheetah, hyena, Crocodile attack this huge elephant. They underestimate the power of this huge beast. Now you control and sabotage this huge African wild elephant.

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Features of Elephant Simulator 3D Safari Game


Free Roam Mode to create mega destruction and chaos

15 challenging missions to play in career mode

Fantastic animations and background sound

Fantastic and realistic physics and realistic graphics

Simple and easy controls to enjoy game play


4. Real elephant hunter


game about Real elephant hunter

You are the expert hunter of elephants in this new real elephant hunting  3d  game.


This elephant game has real 3D graphics and this elephant game is the first elephant hunting game ever on Google play store. In this game you have to hunt the elephant carefully to keep yourself alive.


Friends, elephants are big and dangerous animals when you get close to them. So if the elephant attacks you then your health will gradually decrease.


There is a beautiful jungle environment in this elephant hunting game. Like forest, grass and mountains etc. You can also easily kill a real elephant by aiming at their head which shows that you can do a head shot that will kill them in one hit.


But friends in this elephant game it may also happen that other elephants attack you and kill you, so you have to be very careful while hunting elephant.


Features of Real Elephant Hunter Game


10 level

Best 3D HD Graphics

Enables user to control settings

Complete the level to unlock the next level

Awesome controls and sound Effects.

Radar is available to locate the elephant.


5. My Talking Alley - Virtual Pet elephant games


My Talking Alley - Virtual Pet elephant games

Friends, do you want to raise an exotic elephant baby? So guys download My Talking Alley - Virtual Pet Game and in this game you play dress up games, play mini games, feed, bathe and take care of your pet elephant.


Friends, if you have never played elephant games before, then try this elephant game once, in this game Ellie is a cute little elephant who is always eager to play. You will not only be able to play with him, but also bath with him, sleep and eat so that he can grow up to be a big elephant.


Apart from entertaining this elephant game encourages creativity with its dress up games and shows. It's fun to dress up talking animals such as a talking dog or a talking cat.


But friends, it is more fun to play with elephants. This elephant baby game is a great way to take care of a pet, which is why this elephant baby game is one of the best games for girls and boys.


Features of My Talking Alley - Virtual Pet Game


Talk to Eli and he will repeat everything you say in a funny voice

Play dress up games with baby Allie

Level up and watch Ellie grow from a baby elephant to an adult elephant

Allie doesn't eat much so don't forget to feed her

Play mini games with baby elephant

Allie gets enough sleep so that she can play during the day

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6. Elephant Survival Simulator


game about Elephant Survival Simulator

Improve your hunting skills in this elephant game. You play to survive in this game. You make your elephant so strong in this game that it will be almost impossible to take it down.


Take control of the mighty elephant and hunt down enemy animals in this game. Other safari animals include lion, cheetah, rhino, zebra, rabbit, owl, springbok, eagle and warthog. This 3D elephant simulator game is designed for kids of all ages.


Features of Elephant Survival Simulator


6 Bonus Battle Match Ups

Includes 9 different safari animals

12 Challenging Adventures to Complete

Huge Open World 3D Map

Rain showers 3 times a day

Upgrade elephant stamina, power and speed


7. AR Elephant Simulator


game about Elephant Simulator

Do you love to play elephant simulation game on your phone or Tablet? Then you will love this elephant simulation games, this game becomes more fun When elephant baby come and you need to save them from other wild animals.


If you love to play games for fun, you have come to the right place. In this game, little elephants are present in your real environment, you need to go out and look for them in your surroundings and you need to catch them with the help of your cards.


Basically this Game is an Augmented Reality AR game, play this game and enjoy the simulation game, this game is very close to reality.


Features of AR Elephant Simulator Game


Real simulation with fantasy city

3D Elephant Games to choose from

Real sounding and thrilling sound effects

Easy game play

Multiple Action Packed Missions

Stunning graphics


Game About Elephant Games


Friends, how do you like this elephant games and tell us by commenting and if Your favorite elephant game is not in this list. So you must tell us that we will also include it in the list of best elephant games.

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