How To Get Girls Number – 10+ Easy Tips & Tricks

How To Get Girls Number


How To Get Girls Number – 10+ Easy Tips 👧


How to get girls number- Today's article is going to be very beneficial for boys, because in this article we are going to tell how to get girls number. In this article, we are going to share some such tips and methods with you.


With the help of this article, you will be able to get the phone number of any girl, and you will also know that how to get the number of girls in a legal way?

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We have seen so many times that when a boy likes a girl and he starts loving her and he wants to make her his girlfriend, but the problem is, how to get her mobile number from that girl.


It sounds very easy but in reality it is quite difficult. Especially for such boys who like a girl and want to ask for her phone number to talk to her.


Friends, it happens many times that when we talk to a girl, we want to get her phone number but we do not know that, how do we get the number of girls, because girls do not give phone number to an unknown boy.


The girl either gives her phone number to her best friends or she gives her phone number to her boyfriend and if you talk to that girl then you need a solid reason to ask for the number, otherwise the girl will directly ask you the same question that Why do you want My number and what is the use of my number to you?

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And when the girl asks this question, then this is where the boy gets winded and he is left stunned, but after reading this article you will be able to get the girl's phone number easily, let's move on to the main issue And know how to get a girls number.


10+ Tips For How To Get A Girls Number


Friends, now we will tell you the ninja technique of taking a number from a girl like a gentleman, by adopting which you will be able to confidently take a number from any girl without fear, and the best thing is, the girl will happily give her number to you, now let's know these tips.


1. Talk To The Girl


If the girl you like is unknown and you have started loving her very much in your mind, then you should first try to start a conversation with that girl.

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If that girl is in your college, school or your office, then you will not have much problem in talking. You can start talking to that girl by making any excuse. You can find an excuse to talk to the girl according to you or you can also ask your friends about it.


2. Befriend A Girl


After talking to the girl, you should make friends with that girl, although still you should not be in a hurry, because even after you have made friends with the girl, you should not ask the girl for her phone number in a hurry.


Otherwise, different types of questions will start arising in her mind and she will refuse you by saying that, sorry I cannot give you my phone number, because girls often give their mobile number to those on whom she trusts a lot or whom she considers to be her very best friend or she gives her number to her, who is her boyfriend or whom she likes.


3. Win The Girl's Trust First


It is very important that you have to trust the girl whose phone number you want to get, because you already know how bad the present era has become.


If any girl trusts a boy and gives him her phone number, then that boy starts sharing her phone number with his friends and then his friends call that girl and talk dirty and meaningless with her. Due to which the girl gets very upset.


That's why girls give their phone number to anyone with great care and as we told you above that they mostly give their phone number to their best friend, boyfriend or the boy whom she likes the most.


That is why before asking for a phone number from any girl, you should win the trust of that girl, so that she gives you her number easily.


4. Don't Be In A Hurry To Ask For Phone Number


We know that you really like that girl and you want to get her phone number as soon as possible but rushing is always bad.


That's why you don't have to rush. You have to gradually strengthen your friendship with that girl and as you start spending time with her, that girl will trust you and when that girl trusts you then she will get along very well with you and will give you her mobile number.


5. Ask For A Phone Number To Stay Connected


You can also follow this method to get the girl's phone number and this method will work perfectly.


If both of you have become good friends then you tell that girl that I am going out of town for 1 or 2 weeks and in such a situation if you don't mind then I want to take your number so that if I get anything If necessary, I can call you and ask.


In general, you must have also noticed that, if any of your friends goes somewhere for a long time, then he must take your phone number so that he stays connected with you. That's why you can try this method.


6. Give The Reason For Asking For The Number


If you ask any girl for her phone number, then she definitely asks you this question, why do you need my phone number. At such a time, you have to make up your mind.


If that girl studies in your school or your college, then you have to get her phone number by making any excuse and if that girl works in your office, then you can ask her phone number from office work also.


Here you have to be a little creative and one thing is for sure that girls like boys to be crazy about them, but they like it when they themselves like the guy who follows them.


7. Praise The Girl And Ask For Her Mobile Number


Compliments are something that everyone likes. Girls do not get tired of hearing their praise and when someone praises them once, they like to hear praise from that person again and again.


So praise the girl with an open heart. Anyway, there is some quality in every person which is worth appreciating. You too find the same quality in that girl and praise her.


If you like the helping nature of the girl, then praise her, praise her eyes, hair and beautiful smile. By doing this, the girl will be a little shy but will definitely come close to you. Then praise the girl a lot and try to get her number.


8. To Get A Girl's Number, Tell Her You're Interested


Do not try to get the girl's number in the beginning rather try to tell her that you are interested in her by adopting some basic methods. It's not a very difficult job. You can meet the girl and tell her directly that you are interested in her, you can also tell her with your gestures.


Apart from this, you can also do a little tinkering and you can also show that you like him by giving some gifts. It is very important to say this. Do you know if the girl herself wants to ask for your number and is not able to ask. When she knows that you are interested in her, she will give you her number herself.


9. Help The Girl And Ask For Her Number


Always be available to the girl whose number you want to get. If she is from your class or coaching and she needs some help then help her.


If she is a stranger to you but you have spoken to her a couple of times and she is new to the city even then ask her on your behalf to feel free to remember if you need anything.


Suppose it is to find a hostel for the girl or a flat on rent or some other work. When you have assured her by your side, she will definitely call you when needed. Then you will not even have to work very hard and you will get his number.


10. Try To Ask The Girl's Number Yourself


If you have talked to that girl before, then obviously you must have known her mood as well. You already have an idea of ​​whether or not she will give you her number, what will make her angry and what will make her happy.


Friends, when you get the idea of ​​nature, then you can ask for the girl's number yourself. Keep in mind that don't be too serious while asking for his phone number, instead ask for his number while laughing or speaking some dialogues.


You can also say that – Give The NumberWill Not Bother… or you can also say that I Know That I Will Have To Do Your Work.. Give The Number When I Will Remember You. Don't think too much and follow this method to get his number.


Do Not Do This Work To Get Girl's Number


  • Do not get the girl's phone number fraudulently. If you think that the girl is too reserved, then do not try to harass her to get the number or violate her privacy.
  • Don't stop or try to harass the unknown girl to get her number. This is very wrong way to get mobile number.
  • Do not hire friends to get a girl's mobile number, nor ask her to ask for the girl's number from anywhere.
  • If you asked the girl for the number and she is looking here and there and is not able to answer you properly, then do not force her for the number.
  • Do not use any trick to get girl's number. If he is in class or with you then don't tell him that my phone is not available, just call my number.
  • Do not try to get her number by sending a message to the girl on Facebook.
  • Do not try to get the girl's number by befriending the girl's friends. This is a very wrong approach and if the girl finds out then she will be angry with her friends and you too.
  • If you come to know the number of the girl, then do not call or message her until the girl gives you her number herself. The courtesy is to call him the first time you get his number, asking him.


Now You Know How To Get Girls Number


Now you must have known that how to get girls number, if you like this information given by us, then definitely share it with your WhatsApp and Facebook friends through the button given below.

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