Best 7+ lion games for free ❤❤

latest Best lion games for free


latest Best 7+ lion games for free 


Lion games are a fun and exciting games of animals. In lion games the lion hunts and fights in the mountains and forests to feed his family. Here is a list of the latest new free lion games.


In these lion games, you can attack your enemies brilliantly as a lion. Explore the jungle around you and prove that as a lion you are still the king of the jungle. This lion games is our top fun online simulator games for kids.

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In these lion games you can live a day of the life of a real wild lion, run around in the jungle and hunt other animals for your family survival.


Even in this lion games you may face a tough situation to face the very angry elephant, rhinoceros or any other dangerous animal.


Play the best free online lion games for kids and enjoy being the best jungle hunter. As a lion you first get to hunt and feast on food after chasing the prey for some time.


List of Best 7+ lion games for free 

In this lion games sometimes you have to fight with enemies to prove that you are still the strongest animal. Roam through the beautiful landscape of the jungle in this lion games. The free lion games we recommend is easy to play and full of fun challenges.


Lion King Simulator | Lion games


Lion King Simulator | Lion games

Lion King Simulator Online is a fun wild animal simulator game to enjoy for free. Live the life of a real wild lion in this lion game and run in the jungle and hunt other animals for your family survival. Even prepare yourself to face a very angry elephant, rhinoceros or any other dangerous animal.

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Friends, lions are called the king of the jungle, there are many movies, documentaries and TV shows on lions. So you will get a chance to control one of the jungle animals as a lion and go for hunting.


You hunt down zebras or other animals in this lion game and take every step carefully to complete your tasks on each level.


Lion Hunter | lion games


Lion Hunter | lion games

Friends Lion Hunter is a hunting shooter game to free your inner killer from a virtual jungle without harming any animal. You can play this Lion game online for free.


In this lion game after the lions kill your sheep you have to stop those ferocious lions. You have a powerful rifle. You can hunt the lion by zooming in the rifle and aiming right.


In this lion game, get rid of lions with as few targets as possible or they can attack you before you kill and hunt them.


In this lion game once you fired the first shot the mighty dangerous lions will start running towards you and you have to hurry to save your life. Are you ready?


Tiger Simulator


Tiger Simulator | liongamesfree

Tiger Simulator is a free animal simulator game where players become a real tiger living in the jungle and hunt other animals for food, make families and fight against other predators for survival.


You can play this tiger game online and free. In this fun tiger simulator game, you can control a tiger in the jungle with people, animals and tons of dangers.


In this Tiger game you interact with other characters and try to complete different types of missions. Race against a skilled puma or fight all kinds of creatures to earn coins.


In this lion game you can use your earned coins to upgrade or customize your tiger.


In this game first of all you give a name to your character and choose whether you want to make him tiger or tigress. And explore the forest around you and look for meat. You can customize your Tiger character and update the characteristics of the tiger family.


Keep an eye on the four bars in the top left corner of the game. These bars indicate health, energy level, food and coins so try to keep them full.


Wild Animals Zoo Simulator


Wild Animals Zoo Simulator | #lion games

Friends Wild Animals Zoo Simulator is a dangerous and fun game for you to enjoy online and for free. Be the most dangerous wild animal and create havoc in the city to earn lots of points in this game. Attack people moving around in the city and destroy buildings, cars, walls and everything else you can.


Once you've earned enough points in this Lion game, you'll be able to control new animals, such as a hippopotamus, lion, giant rhinoceros and more.


In this lion game you will also be able to play on different maps. For example you can destroy an entire farm, including all the people, vehicles and buildings.


Show humans what happens when they try to cage wild animals in this hunting game!


Puppet Soccer Zoo


Puppet Soccer Zoo | lion king games free

Puppet Soccer Zoo is a fun game filled with friendly football-playing animals that you can enjoy online and for free.


In this game try to hit the football into your opponent's goal as many times as possible and collect coins. Try to win challenge after challenge to upgrade and unlock great features to earn lots of coins and capture all the champion cups.


In this game you can combine different animals to get better animals, but first you have to earn them. Move your cute little animal with the arrow keys and try to get the ball to the target as fast and as often as possible.


Guys this animal adventure game is perfect for all those who love animals and sports alike. So what are you waiting for, play Puppet Soccer Zoo and have fun!


Lost Island Jungle Adventure Hunting Game


Lost Island Jungle Adventure Hunting Game

In this game you will be tested to be a good hunter as the prey is moving fast and also very dangerous.


Hunt tiger, hyena, cheetah, lion, lioness, elephant, giraffe, deer, gorilla, zebra, hippopotamus, buffalo and some hungry reptiles like crocodile, snake wild animals in this game. The game play features some insects as well as spiders and worms. You can use your sniper gun to hunt them down.


In friends deer hunting games you just have to shoot deer with your gun or rifle but in lion or wild animal hunting these animals can attack on you and kill you that's why it is a survival royal. As well as Ultimate Shooting 3D is a fun hunting game.


Jungle Surfer | lion games free download


Jungle Surfer | lion games free download

Guys Super Mega-hit Jungle Surfer Free and endless adventure run game with tons of themes, power-ups and lots of features with HD graphics for Android!


Guys do you know all your friends are playing jungle surfer can you beat their high score?


Jungle Surfer is an action packed game. Where you need to overcome obstacles, destroy enemies, overcome dangers as well as collect as many coins as possible so that you can score the highest.


Wild Lion Simulator Games | hunting game


Wild Lion Simulator Games | hunting game

Friends welcome to the jungle of wild animals. Hunting a wild animal as a live lion in the jungle and survive in the jungle is a challenging task.


You play as a lion in this lion game and explore them in the jungle to hunt other animals to become the king of the jungle. Click on the download button to play this lion games.

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