Monkey And Cap Seller Story 🐒 👒

Monkey And Cap Seller Story


Monkey And Cap Seller Story 🐒 👒


Once upon a time, a cap seller was going through the forest to a village. It was summer, so he decided to lie down under a tree and sleep for a while until the sun went down. Being very tired, he soon fell asleep.


While he was sleeping, several monkeys came down from the tree and pulled the cap seller's bag.

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When the monkeys opened the bag, they found colored caps inside the bag. the monkeys picked up the cap and climbed the trees.


The cap seller got up after sometime and was surprised to see his open bag and all the monkeys using their caps.


The cap seller got very upset. he started shouting at the monkeys. The monkeys also started shouting at him, which further irritated the cap seller.

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The cap seller picked up some stones from the ground and threw them at the monkeys. This time the monkeys threw the fruits they had in their hands at the cap seller.


Monkey And Cap Seller Story In English


The cap seller was surprised by this action of the monkeys. He thought for a moment. This time he took off his cap, which he was wearing, and threw it on the ground.


The monkeys were also watching him. the monkeys also did the same. They also threw all the caps on the ground.

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The cap seller collected all the caps and stuffed them back into his bag and went to another village to sell those caps.


From this story we get to learn that the cap seller uses his intelligence and cleverness to take back all his caps from the monkeys.


Monkey And Cap Seller Story Moral


So the moral of this story is "Anything can be done very easily with knowledge".


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