Monkey And Elephant Story 🐘 🐒

Monkey And Elephant Story


Monkey And Elephant Story 🐘 🐒


A monkey and an elephant lived in a dense forest. The elephant was very powerful. He used to uproot big trees in one stroke. The monkey was very thin, but he was very agile and fast. Throughout the day the monkey used to jump on the trees of the forest.


Both the monkey and the elephant were very proud of their qualities. The monkey and the elephant considered themselves better than each other. Because of this, there was always an argument between the monkey and the elephant.


There lived an owl in the same forest, who often saw the movements of monkeys and elephants. He was troubled by the fight between these two. One day the owl said to those monkeys and elephants, 'In this way no decision is going to be taken about this fight of yours. Both of you can easily decide through a competition who is the most powerful of the two of you.'


Both the monkey and the elephant liked the owl thing. The monkey and the elephant again asked together, 'What has to be done in this competition?'

The Monkey And The Elephant Story

The Monkey And The Elephant Story

The owl said, 'On crossing this forest, another forest comes. Where there is a very old tree, on which a golden fruit is planted. The one who brings that golden fruit of the two of you first, will be the winner of this competition and will be called the most powerful in the real sense.

On listening to the owl, the monkey and the elephant, without hesitation, went towards another forest. The monkey started showing its agility. He would reach from one tree to another in a single jump. At the same time, the elephant started running fast and uprooted everything that came in the way with its strong trunk.


Within no time the monkeys and elephants came out of that forest. A river used to flow from this forest to the middle of the other forest. Only after crossing it could one be reached in another forest.


The monkey hurriedly jumped into the river, but the wave of the water was very strong, so the monkey started flowing into the river. Seeing the monkey flowing in the river, the elephant grabbed it with its trunk and threw it out of the water.


The monkey was quite surprised to see this behavior of the elephant. The monkey thanked the elephant for saving its life and, accepting its defeat, asked the elephant to complete the journey ahead.


Hearing this talk of the monkey, the elephant said, 'I can cross the river. You also cross it by sitting on my back.'


The monkey agreed to the elephant and he sat on the elephant's back. In this way both of them crossed the river and reached another jungle.


Then the monkey and the elephant together found the tree bearing gold fruit.


At first the elephant tried to pull down the tree with its trunk, but the tree was too strong. The tree was not uprooted by the elephant.


Then the elephant said in despair, 'I cannot pluck this fruit now.'


The monkey said, 'Come on, I will also try it once.'


The monkey quickly climbed the tree and reached the branch of the tree where the gold flower was planted. The monkey plucked the golden fruit and got down from the tree.


After this, both of them returned to their forest after crossing the river and gave the golden fruit to the owl.


After getting the fruit, as soon as the owl spoke the name of the winner for this competition, the monkey and the elephant together stopped his talk.


The monkey and the elephant said together, 'Owl, now we don't need to know the name of the winner. Together we have completed this competition. We have come to understand that everyone's quality is different and special in itself. That's why we have decided that from now on we will never argue on this matter and will live in this forest like friends.


The owl was very happy to hear the monkey and the elephant. He told the monkey and the elephant that I wanted to explain to you that everyone is different from each other. Different qualities and strengths are what make us capable of helping each other and everyone has some weaknesses too so it is always best to be together with each other.


From that day onwards the elephant and the monkey became friends and they started living happily in the forest.


Monkey And Elephant Story Moral

We should respect each other's qualities and strengths and live in harmony with each other.

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