Story Of King And Queen

Story Of King And Queen


Story Of King And Queen 


Many years ago, the state named Minnesota used to be ruled by a king named John. He was very ambitious and loved his subjects very much.


There was prosperity all around in their kingdom, but the king and queen themselves were always unhappy. He had everything, wealth, fame, but he had no children.

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To get children, the king and queen had done all the worship, chanting and penance, but to no avail.


One day, at the behest of the sage, the king decided to worship. By worshiping God, the king got a very beautiful girl.


The whole people started dancing with joy with the king and queen. There was an atmosphere of happiness all around in the state. The king invited all the townspeople to a banquet in the joy of becoming a father.


Time passed slowly. The princess began to grow up. She was very beautiful and virtuous. The king and queen were happy seeing him, but one day the princess fell ill.


All the big doctors were involved in the treatment, but to no avail. The condition of the princess was deteriorating day by day. No medicine was working on the princess. The king began to feel that once again he would become childless.

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King And Queen Story


One day an Ayurvedic doctor came to the palace of the king. He was strange in appearance and he was not even dressed properly, due to which the soldiers stopped him from entering the palace of king.


The doctor made a lot of requests to meet the king once and said that I can cure the princess, but no one believed him.


The soldiers took that doctor to the king. The Ayurvedic doctor first introduced himself to the king and said that I can cure your daughter.


The king was pleased to hear the Ayurvedic doctor, but seeing his way of life, the king also did not believe him.


On the other hand, the condition of the princess was getting worse day by day. So, king was not able to trust any doctor, but seeing the confidence of that Ayurvedic doctor, King decided to give him a chance.


The king told the doctor that if the princess did not recover, then be ready to face the consequences. On this the doctor said – okay, but if the princess is cured then what will I get.


Whatever you ask for, you will get everything, the doctor agreed.


The king himself took that doctor to the princess. The princess was lying lifeless on the bed. The face had turned pale. The doctor approached the princess and started checking her pulse. Then he took out the pouch of medicine prepared from the herbs from the bag and put it in the mouth of the princess.


The Ayurvedic doctor told the king and queen that your daughter would get well soon. After listening to the doctor, a ray of hope arose in the mind of the queen.


Two months passed by doing the same treatment. Gradually the condition of the princess started improving. His face began to glow. The happiness on the faces of the king and queen also started showing.


One day the Ayurvedic doctor said to the king - Sir, the princess is now cured. I am giving this medicine by making a pouch for one month. Keep giving it to the princess on time. After this the princess will be completely healthy. This disease will not strike them again.


The next day the king called the Ayurvedic doctor and said that I want to give you your reward as promised. Tell me what do you want?


Ayurvedic doctor said - Think once, you will be able to live up to your promise.


The king said - you have made my daughter healthy. Tell me what do you want?


The doctor smiled and said - give me half of your kingdom and get me married with your daughter.


On hearing this, the king was furious. He said sternly - you are in your senses. If you had not saved my daughter's life, you would have been killed by now. He ordered the soldiers to drive it out of the kingdom. The Ayurvedic doctor left with a smile.


Only a few days had passed after this incident, one day again the condition of the princess deteriorated. His body turned blue. In a hurry, the biggest doctor of the city was called.


The city's eldest doctor told that the princess had been poisoned. No one has any cure for it. After some time the princess died. There was mourning all over the state. The king and queen were drowned in grief.


Upon investigation, it was found that the medicine sachet given to the princess by the Ayurvedic doctor for a month was poison in one of the pouches. The Ayurvedic doctor already suspected that the king would not fulfill his promise.


That's why the Ayurvedic doctor had filled poison in a medicine pouch. He thought that if the king agreed to the marriage, he would remove the poison pouch, but if he did not agree, the princess would have to bear the punishment. The Ayurvedic doctor's trick was successful.


Story Of King And Queen Moral

If you have made a promise to someone, then it must be fulfilled.

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