The Cows And The Tiger Story 🐯 🐮

The Cows And The Tiger Story


The Cows And The Tiger Story 🐯 🐮


A cow lived in a village. She was very friendly. One day she was eating grass when a tiger caught sight of her. Seeing the cow, the lion's heart was tempted and as soon as he stepped forward to attack the cow, the cow said, 'Stay and listen to me comfortably, I have a child.


It's only been two weeks since he was born. He does not even know how to eat grass. he is waiting for me to come back. If you will have mercy on me, I will come back after giving him plenty of milk and teaching him the lesson of the world. After that you eat me. I will not disappoint you'.

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Tiger- How is it, after going home and feeding your child, you will come back. I do live in the woods but I am not a fool.


Cow- Don't you misunderstand me I never lie. once I make a promise I stick to it. It is a fact that death has to come someday or the other, but I will understand that the time of death has come. If I could not satisfy your hunger, then what is the use, it is also true that I am not afraid of death, you thought of my innocent child, anyway from tomorrow he has to live his own life.


Cows And Tiger Story In English

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When you are talking so much, it is okay, I also want to see how much honesty is there in the animals living in the village? Go and come back soon..

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The cow immediately left from there, she fed her child with milk and loved him very much and started saying in a full voice, 'Look son, live your life intelligently, be well with everyone, promise someone, then definitely fulfill it.


After explaining well to her child, the cow went to fulfill her promise. On the other hand, when the restless tiger, waiting for the cow, saw it coming from afar, he started thinking 'Oh how honest this cow is, which is coming back to fulfill the promise.

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He remembers his promise more than his life. Killing such an honest cow would definitely make me a crime.


When the cow reached the tiger, he said 'You are strange. you came back to me to fulfill your promise. I doubted you I'm sorry. I will make some other arrangement to satisfy hunger. You go back to your child. The cow happily went home and lived happily with her child.

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Cows And Tiger Story Moral

You always keep your promise.

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