The Three Fishes Story For Kids 🐟 🐟 🐟

The Three Fishes Story For Kids


The Three Fishes Story For Kids 🐟 🐟 🐟


The three fishes story for kids:- There was a reservoir on the bank of a river. Due to the long bushes around the reservoir, no one knew about it, due to which many fish came from the river and lived in that reservoir. The place was also suitable for laying fish eggs.


The reservoir was very deep, due to which the favorite plants and insects of the fish were found in it, which the fish could easily make their food and they could easily lay eggs in the depth of the reservoir.

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A herd of three fish lived in the same reservoir. The names of those three were Olivia, Emma, ​​Charlotte. The nature of all three of them was different.


Olivia believed in remedying the crisis before it struck. Emma believed that when a crisis comes, it should be remedied. Charlotte believed that to remedy the crisis before it comes or to take measures at the time of crisis, these are all useless things, whatever is written in the fate, it will happen.

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One evening when the fishermen were returning to their homes after catching fish, they all had a sad look on their faces because they had been getting very few fish in their nets for many days.


The fishermen saw that a heron was going over the bushes some distance away from the river. The fish were buried in the mouth of all those herons.


The fishermen guessed that there must be a small pond connected to the river behind those bushes. When the fishermen crossed the thick bushes and reached the banks of the reservoir, their eyes lit up.


The first fisherman said "Aha! There are many more fish in this reservoir than in the river. Till today we did not even know about this reservoir, due to this it was becoming difficult to run our family. From today onwards we will be able to earn our living by catching these fishes.”


The other said, "It is evening, we will start fishing from this reservoir from tomorrow morning." Saying this the fishermen returned from there.


The Three Fishes Story For Kids In English

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The three fish were listening carefully to the words of the fishermen. Olivia said, “Friends, we have got the signs of danger, so we should leave this place and go to the river to remedy it. Which we will be able to escape from the fishermen"


Emma said “There is no need to panic now. The danger hasn't come yet. Do you know if the program of the fishermen to come here tomorrow morning is canceled? It is possible that there will be heavy rain tonight which will flood the fishermen's settlement. Or it may be that a fire breaks out in the settlement at night and their house will be destroyed. The fishermen's coming tomorrow is not certain. Don't know if I don't fall in their trap.

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Charlotte said that "what will happen by running away, if death is written in our fate tomorrow, then we will surely die."


At that time Olivia went to the river through the canal. The next morning the fishermen came, threw nets in the reservoir and started fishing.


When Emma saw the trap, she started thinking of ways to escape from it. A dead fox's corpse was floating in that reservoir for several days. The corpse was rotten.

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Emma quickly approached the corpse and entered her stomach and wrapped some rotten part of the stomach on her body and left from there.


When she got caught in the fishermen's net and the fisherman pulled the net and brought it to the shore of the reservoir and emptied the net.


When the fishermen were emptying the fish, they could smell a fish. All the other fish were in agony, but Emma held her breath.


When the fisherman picked up Emma and heard it, the smell of rotting was coming from it. The fisherman threw Emma into the reservoir.


Thus Emma saved her life by using her intelligence.


When Charlotte depended on luck, she got caught in the fishermen's net and lost her life in agony.

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The Three Fishes Story Moral


When we get information about the crisis, we should take measures to avoid it and not wait for that crisis to come.

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