Three Little Pigs Short Story 🐷 🐷 🐷

Three Little Pigs Short Story


Three Little Pigs Short Story 🐷 🐷 🐷


Three Little Pigs Short Story - A family of pigs lived in a forest. Three little pigs lived with their mother in the family. When the three pigs grew up, their mother called them and said – “My dear sons, you are now grown up. It is the rule of pigs, when the children grow up. they live their life by their understanding, separating from the family.


So now I want all three of you to go out of this forest, roam the world and live life as per your wish.


After a few days the three little pigs came out of their house and went to another city. The three brothers took great care of each other.


The big pig said – “I think now all three of us should live our separate lives”.

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The other pig felt the same way, but the youngest pig was very clever.


The third pig said, I think we should live with each other and go to the same place and start our new life.


On listening to him, the first and second pigs said - "How is that?"


The third pig said – “If all three of us stay together then we can face the difficulties that come together.


Both the big pigs also liked the thing about the little pig. All three decided that we would never leave each other's side.


The three pigs decided, first of all, to build a house for themselves.


The first pig made a straw house. It took both hard work and time to build a straw house, the big pig was very happy to quickly build his house.


The second pig made a house out of dry tree twigs, soil, etc.


The little pig was very intelligent, he decided to build a house out of bricks, stones and gravel with a lot of thought. He thought, the house should be strong.

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It took the little pig a lot of hard work and time to build a strong house.


When the little pig was building the house. The other two pigs made fun of him.

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The Short Story Of The Three Little Pigs


After a few days, a wild wolf came to live near their house. Seeing the three little pigs, his mouth started watering.


First of all he went big and started knocking on the door towards his house to eat the big pig.


The first pig was sleeping. When he woke up after hearing the knocking of the door, he asked from inside the house - "Who is at the door?"


The wolf said - "I am, open the door and let me in."


The big pig got scared and refused to open the door. Then the wolf broke the straw house with his hand in one go and came inside the house. Because of the darkness, the big pig managed to escape.


Now the wolf reached the other pig's house. And said - "Open the door, let me in."

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When the other pig did not open the door, the wolf broke into the house made of twigs and entered. With great difficulty the pig ran away from there to save his life.


Both the big pigs went to their younger brother's house. The younger brother said, do not panic, my house is very strong. The wolf can't break my house so easily but now we have to think how to kill it.


Hearing all this, the third pig said - "Don't be afraid both of you. My house is very strong. That wild wolf can't break it."


After a while the wolf came to the house of the youngest pig and started knocking on the door.


The third pig said without fear - "No, we will not open the door."


The wolf tried to break into the house of the third pig. But he failed to break the brick house of the third pig.


Despite the efforts of that wild wolf, the third pig's house did not break, then he saw that there was a chimney on the roof of the house. He decided that he would enter the house through the chimney.


When the wolf started entering the house through the chimney. Then the third pig lit a fire under the chimney and filled a vessel with water and kept it for boiling.


In no time, as soon as the wolf jumped down from the inside of the chimney, it fell directly into the boiling water and died.


In this way the little pig wisely and fearlessly saved his life and that of his elder brothers.

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Both the elder brothers thanked the younger one, and also apologized, they said, "We should not have made fun of you."


After this the three pigs started living together in a big house.


Three Little Pigs Short Story Moral


  • Never make fun of the hard work of others.
  • You should work hard yourself.
  • There is no substitute for hard work.

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