How To Calculate Percentage In Mobile Calculator

How To Calculate Percentage In Mobile Calculator


How To Calculate Percentage In Mobile Calculator


Percentage is very important in our daily life and if you are a student and businessman then you have to calculate percentage in daily life which is very important. Friends, today we will know how to calculate percentage in mobile calculator and what is percentage?


First of all we know how to calculate percentage in mobile calculator, after that we will get other formulas and information related to percentage.

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Suppose there is a total paper of 600 marks in your school, in which you have secured 350 marks and now you want to know what percentage of marks you have secured. So friends it is very easy to know percentage in mobile calculator.


Formula To Get Percentage In Mobile Calculator


1. First of all open the calculator of your mobile.

2. Now type the marks obtained by you (350) in the mobile calculator.

3. Now you press the button with the division symbol (/) or ( ÷).

4. Now you type the total marks (600) of your paper.

5. Now you ( x ) press the multiplication button.

6. Now you type 100.

7. Now you press the equal (=) button.


What percentage of marks you have secured in your paper is in front of you.


350 / 600 x 100 = 58.33%


Actually math is an important part of our life, and even if it is necessary in every field today, whether a person is educated or not, it is very important to keep accounts and keep it accountable.


For example, even if a fruit seller is uneducated, he must have the knowledge of calculations because it is one of the most important requirements of today, because without the knowledge of mathematics, neither a person can buy nor sell anything.


What Is The Percentage?




In simple words, Percent is a great and accurate way to find the ratio of any number in mathematics which can be easily understood by anyone.


Percentage is a kind of fraction or ratio which is shown between the number 0 to 100.


 % =1/100


What Is The Utility Of Percentage?


Percentage is used for many important tasks. For example, interest on loan, commission on product or to calculate percentage of results of any school or college examinations etc.


If a shopkeeper is giving a discount on any goods to his customers, that is, he offers a discount, even then it will be told through Percentage and if someone has to take a loan from the bank or things related to interest etc., all through Percentage only. People are informed.


What Is The Percentage Formula?


There are many formulas to calculate the percentage, with the help of which you can easily calculate the percentage of anything.


We are going to tell you about some such formulas, with the help of which you can easily calculate the percentage with the help of percentage formula in a few minutes.


Percentage = Value/Total Value × 100= ? 


How To Calculate Percentage?


Today everyone must have a little knowledge about percentage, finding percentage also has its own importance in mathematics like Divide, Plus, Minus, Multiply and finding Percentage is not a difficult task, only division and multiplication should be known.


If a person knows how to divide or multiply any number, then he can easily calculate the percentage, here we will know how to calculate the percentage, for which we are telling here three ways, with the help of which one can easily calculate the percentage. .


1. First Way To Find Out Percentage


Scored Marks × 100 Total Marks= ?%


To understand this in such a way that James got 300 numbers out of 600 numbers, then to calculate his percentage, first of all, 300 numbers have to be multiplied by 100 numbers.


Result will be come 300 × 100 = 30,000


Now 30,000 numbers have to be divided by 600, then the result will be 50. Now you can say in clear words that if James has got 300 marks out of 600 marks, then the percentage will come to 50%.


2. Another Way To Calculate Percentage


According to this method, if one already knows the percentage and also already has information about the total marks, then the total marks will have to be divided by 100.


Now whatever result will come, it will have to be multiplied by the percentage, in such a way you can find out how many marks have been received.

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Example James gave a paper of 600 marks and the percentage of James is 50%, so to find out his marks, James has to divide 600 by 100, the answer is 6.


600 /  100 = 6


Now James has to multiply 6 in percentage i.e. 50%, whose answer is 300, now here you understand that if James gets 50% in the paper of 600 marks, then he has got 300 marks.


3. Third Way To Calculate Percentage


In the third method, if you want to know how many marks the exam paper was, then this method will definitely help you, according to this method, the number of marks you have obtained will have to be multiplied by 100 numbers.


By doing this, whatever result will come, it will have to be divided by its percentage and by doing this you will know the total marks.


For example here we talk about James that if James has got 300 Marks in the exam and James' Percentage is 50% then to find out the total marks –


James has to first multiply 300 by 100 (300 × 100 = result will be 30,000) Now James has to divide his percentage 50 by 30,000 which will result in 600.


This means that James has got 300 marks in the exam and 50% percentile and the total paper was 600 marks.


How To Calculate Percentage In Calculator


Today most of the people use calculator or calculator present in their phone to calculate the percentage, but even today most of the people are not aware about how to calculate the percentage with the help of calculator, so you can follow the steps given below in calculator or else. You can easily calculate Percentage from mobile.


Step-1 First of all, open your calculator and write the number whose percentage you want to calculate, for example, if you want to calculate 22% of 50,000, then first we will type 50,000.


Step-2 After doing this, we will click on the % Percentage mark and we will type whatever percentage we want to calculate, after that we will click on the equal (=) mark.

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Let's know how


e.g. 50,000 % 22 = 11,000


You have passed out the percentage of the number, one thing that is to be kept in mind is that with this method you can calculate the percentage in laptop, mobile also, there is another method here we are telling you can also calculate the percentage in this way-


number x percent ÷100

50,000 x 22 ÷100


How to get discount?


Have you ever thought that whenever we buy any item, Shopkeeper gives us some discount like 5%, 10%, 20%, 25%, about which only few people will know how to calculate discount.


First of all, you should know the value of the thing or item whose discount is to be taken. Apart from this, for how much money you will get that thing or what is its selling price.


Only after knowing these two, you can calculate the discount, all you have to do for this is to deduct the Selling Price from the List Price. With this, one can immediately know the discount available on anything.


Discount = List Price – Selling Price


Apart from this, any person can easily extract List Price and Selling Price from the discount found on his item and know how much percent discount he has got.

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Selling Price = List Price − Discount

List Price= Selling Price + Discount


Discount Calculation Formula


This formula is so simple that one can very easily know the discount received on the item purchased by him and can also calculate both the discount and the discount % of the item.


Discount %= Discount/List Price×100


Know About Percentage


The word percent is made up of two words per and cent which means 7 in every hundred.




We try to understand it in this way that 10 percent means 10 part out of 100, if a man spends 65 percent of the income earned by him, then it will mean that that person has spent 100 rupees. 65 have been spent.




Percentage has become an important part of not only mathematics but nowadays life. Everywhere you look, you seem to be talking about % and discount, in such a way, through this article you can understand % and easily get percentage of things and get profit.

How To Calculate Percentage Conclusion


So friends, in this article, we have tried to tell you in detail about the formula and methods to calculate the percentage and how to calculate the percentage.

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If you like this article then share it with all your friends who are facing problem in how to calculate percentage in mobile calculator or calculate percentage so that they can easily calculate percentage of anything.

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