The Real Little Mermaid Story - Fairy Tales

The Real Little Mermaid Story - Fairy Tales


The Real Little Mermaid Story - Fairy Tales


In the very deep sea was the palace of the sea king. He lived there with his daughters and old mother. The palace of the king was very beautiful and he loved his daughters very much. He loved his youngest daughter the most.


There was a rule of this sea kingdom that any princess who turned 18 years old, she got a chance to go to the surface of the sea. Before that no princess could go to the surface.


It was the occasion of the birthday of the fifth daughter of the king. Everyone was very happy. Everyone was wishing the princess a happy birthday.

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The king announces that Marina is now 18 years old and she is allowed to go to the surface, so that she can see, enjoy the outside world, the sun and the human world.


The king also warned Marina that the world of the ocean is very different from the human world, so she should not go close to humans and return to her world in time.


Hearing this, the youngest princess Eva also insisted on going to the surface, but the king refused, because she was not 18 years old. Eva was very sad, she was eagerly waiting for her 18th birthday.


Eva was very beautiful and her biggest feature was that she was very kind. He was in love with all the creatures of the ocean. This was the reason why she was everyone's favorite.


Eva was very curious to know about humans. She often used to ask her grandmother about them. Once she simply asked whether humans are just like us or better than us?


Grandmother told that they have legs, while we do not have legs. our body is like a fish. Humans spread a lot of pollution, so they are no better than us.

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Eva wanted to know that, is humans live longer than us, so Grandmother explained that they do not live more than 100 years, while mermaids can live up to 300 years and after death they become sea foam.


But if we do good deeds throughout life, we can become immortal and the fairies of the wind take us to heaven to be with them.


Similarly, time passed and Eva's 18th birthday arrived. Everyone congratulated him.


She herself was very excited. At last the moment she was waiting for had arrived.

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The king said that I will show you the outside world, but Eva said that everyone else went alone, so she also wants to go alone.


In this his friend Shrimp told the king that he would take care of him. The king said to return before sunset.


Eva hurried to the surface. She was mesmerized when she came out. This new unknown world captivated him.


the little mermaid story

Just then he saw a ship, in which there was a young man. He asked the shrimp what this thing is.


Then he saw that the young man is exactly like his doll. Shrimp told that he is a prince and probably has come to celebrate his birthday. Eva was fascinated by prince beauty and she started singing.


Just then the storm came. Dark clouds covered the sky and the prince's ship got stuck amidst the strong waves.


The ship sank in this storm. When Eva saw it, she went to save the prince and she was successful too.


She brought the prince to the shore. In the meantime, she hid after hearing someone's arrival.


Some girls were passing by and they saw that the prince was unconscious there.

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The little mermaid story in English with moral


In this, the prince also came to his senses and saw a beautiful girl standing there.


The prince thanked him for saving his life. The prince gave his heart to her. That girl didn't even tell the truth.


Eva saw all this, the shrimp said that the girl was taking false credit. But Eva said that it doesn't matter, the prince's life was saved so she is happy with this.


When the sunset was about to happen. both of them returned back to the sea.

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The mind of the little fairy was sad, because she was giving heart to the prince at first sight. But she knew that it was impossible to get him. The rules of the ocean were such that it could not meet humans.


Seeing the condition of the little princess, the shrimp suggested a solution to her. He began to tell her about the sea witch, but he also warned that there could be a lot of danger in it, but the little fairy was only interested in getting the prince. She went to meet the sea witch.


The sea witch saw in her magic circle that the Little Fairy was coming towards her den. It was only then that a prophecy came out of the circle that the princess is of the sweetest and most passionate mind.


She will become a wind fairy because of her good deeds and at that time your sins will be over and you will die. The witch said that this would never happen.


In the meantime, the princess reached the witch and requested that she wants to become a human. The witch said that it is not right for that prince to do this, because it can also become the cause of your sorrows.


Eva said she was ready for any cost. The witch said that I will make you human, but I will take away your voice. You will have to win the prince's heart, if you succeed, your voice will also return, but if it does not happen, then your death is certain and you will become a sea foam.


The little fairy accepted the condition. The witch gave him the magic sorbet and told him to go to the shore and drink it. The little fairy did the same. She fainted as soon as she drank the sherbet.


Meanwhile, the tail of the little fairy turned into her feet, but her voice was gone. When he regained consciousness, there was a prince in front of him.

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The prince said you are fine, but who are you? And what were you doing on the beach? The prince advised her to take rest.


The next day the little fairy started walking, so the prince was very happy. He danced with her and was impressed by her dance skills.


prince said that, today is a very good day. I have also found the love of my life. The little angel felt that he was talking to her. It was only then that the king arrived and the prince introduced the girl to the king, which he had met on the day of the storm.


The prince said that this had saved my life. I want to marry her. The king also agreed. The Little Fairy was heartbroken. Seeing all this, the shrimp went to the ocean and told everything to the king.


The king prayed to the goddess of the ocean and went to the surface.


Eva's sisters went to the witch to take back her curse. The witch was happy that the king's daughters were pleading before her.


Then the witch said that she had a solution, but that Eva would have to kill the prince for that. If the Little Fairy kills the prince with this magic dagger, she will get back her fairy life.


Eva’s sisters went to the surface with that dagger. Everyone saw Eva sitting sadly under a tree on the beach with her doll. The king called to him. Eva became very emotional.


The king gave that dagger to Eva, but Eva said that she could not kill the prince. But seeing her passionate father and sisters, she takes the dagger.


She went to the prince's palace, but she could not kill the prince, because he was her love. She returned and Apologized to her father and sisters.


Eva said that now my death is certain. You all forgive me. Now I want to turn into foam. I want to leave this world.


Saying this she jumped into the sea. Just then a miraculous power pulled him and she saw that there is a wind fairy in front.


The king was very happy that his dearest daughter's life was saved. The king thanked the wind fairy.


Eva could not understand. Wind fairy told that we are the fairies of the sky and now you will remain with us as a wind fairy. Given your generous mind and love for the ocean and humans, this is your reward.


You can also take birth in human form in future. The Little Fairy Eva said goodbye to everyone and also told her prince that you will be my love in the next life. I will love you always.


She thanked Wind fairy and went to heaven with her. As soon as this happened, that witch and her sins also came to an end. Everyone was satisfied.

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The little mermaid story Moral


If you treat people well and work for their good, then surely God will always give you good results.

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