Princess And The Pea Bedtime Story With Moral

Princess And The Pea Bedtime Story With Moral


Princess And The Pea Bedtime Story With Moral


Once upon a time there was a powerful kingdom. There a king lived with his queen in the royal palace. Whatever the queen wanted, she got it. He took care of his only son very well.


The queen loved her prince very much. Gradually the prince grew up and was of marriageable age.

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One day the queen called the prince to her and said, "Prince you are now of marriageable age. A prince should not find a princess for himself. There should be many qualities in a princess like she should be very beautiful, virtuous, intelligent, she should have knowledge of all these things. The biggest identity of a princess is that her voice should be very sweet.


According to the order of the queen, the prince along with his soldiers set out to find a gentle princess for himself. The prince reached a palace while walking and went to the king of that palace and he impressed the king with his words because he was very handsome and decent too.


The king introduced him to his princess. As soon as he spoke to the princess, he was shocked because the princess's voice was a bit heavy.


Princess And The Pea Bedtime Story With Moral In English


The prince left from there. On the way, he reached near another palace. The prince spoke to the king and queen there. The king and queen were very impressed by the prince's words and they immediately introduced him to their princess.

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The princess was eating. The prince wanted to give a flower to the princess, but the princess was not listening to him and was just going on eating. Seeing this, the prince also left from there.


Thus, even after visiting many places, the prince could not find a princess for himself. He was upset. He failed to find the princess for himself.


The prince returned to the palace and told everything to the queen. That night there was a severe storm. The prince was watching the rain falling from the window when he saw a girl coming towards his palace. Then there was a knock on the door. When the door opened, the prince saw a very beautiful girl standing.

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The girl was completely wet and when the prince heard her voice and saw her beauty, he was fascinated by her. The girl wanted shelter for the night and was shivering with cold. Because she had lost her way.


The prince asked his courtier to take care of him. The prince told the queen about them, but when the queen saw him, she categorically refused that she was not a princess.


The prince told his mother that the girl was very beautiful and gentle, I had never seen such a girl before.


The queen understood that the prince had fallen in love with her. Then he thought of a solution. He wanted to test that girl.


The queen placed a pea grain on the bed and got 10 soft mattresses placed on it.

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The girl could not sleep the whole night. He got up early in the morning and called the servant and said, "This bed was very useless, I could not sleep on it as if someone had put a brick on it.


This matter reached the prince. The prince immediately came to the girl and offered her marriage as he had understood that she was a princess. The girl agreed to marry the prince and both started living happily.


Princess And The Pea Moral

The moral of the short story of The Princess and The Pea is “never judge a person by their momentary appearance”.

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