Short Story Of Two Friends John and Jackson

Short Story Of Two Friends


Short Story Of Two Friends


Friends, today we will read a short story of two friends, after reading which you will also remember your friends.


Friends, we all have friends, and with some of them, we also have close friendships, then when they go away from us, we feel their lack.


In today's post, we have written about a short wonderful story of friendship of two friends, which you will like very much.


Short Story Of Two Friends In English With Moral


Once upon a time, a boy named John lived with his parents in a city. John was the only son of his parents. John's parents loved him very much. John's father had a big business. John was from a very wealthy household. He studied in a good school and he was also very good at studies.


John's father used to handle his business and John's mother used to handle the house very well. His mother was very understanding, she always asked John to help others, she always taught John that son we should always help others. John listened intently to his mother.


One day John was going to his school and suddenly he saw an old man on the way. The man was very poor, he was begging. John felt very sorry to see that man hungry and he started thinking how he could help this man.


After sometime he remembered that his bag is his lunch box, he took out that lunch box and gave it to the poor man and then he went to his school.


John was a very nice and very intelligent boy. He was the quietest and smartest boy in his class.


A boy named Jackson also studied in his class. Jackson was very poor. Jackson's mother used to do cleaning work in the same school. Jackson's father had died in an accident. Jackson was very smart in studies, his mother used to work hard day and night to teach him.


Jackson's mother wanted to make Jackson a grown man. Jackson was so poor that he never brought himself a lunch box. He was always sitting quiet and alone.

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Some of the children in Jackson class used to make fun of his poverty. John also saw all this.


One day, when John came home from school, he was very upset, his mother asked what is the matter, son, you are feeling very upset today, what happened to you in school?


Then John says no mother, nothing has happened to me and then he asks his mother, why God has made someone rich and some poor in this world.


After listening to him, his mother asks that son why are you asking like this Today.

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John tells his mother about Jackson. He tells his mother that a boy named Jackson studying in my class but he is very poor. All the kids make fun of him a lot. And he doesn't even bring lunch box and he is very good at studies. Treat him very badly in school. I don't like all this.


John's mother tells him that son, did you tell the teacher about this. John says no, then his mother says “ok son”. I will go to school with you tomorrow and I will talk about it.


The very next day John and his mother reached the school and told the teacher about Jackson. Then the teacher scolded the children who used to harass Jackson. From now on no one bothered Jackson.


After school was over, John and his mother went home. The next day John also took a lunch box and some books for Jackson. Both had become good friends now.

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One day Jackson and his mother went to John's house. Jackson and his mother thanked John and his mother and asked how will we be able to repay this favor to you.


Then John's mother said that I just want a promise from Jackson and nothing else, I just want Jackson to study and do a good job and help others.


Then Jackson tells John's mother that I promise you that I will do a good job and will help others.


After a few years, Jackson receives an scholarship from the school and he moves to another city for further studies, his mother also goes with him. Here John also starts studying in college.


After some time John's father starts having some problem in business. John's father sells everything to save his business but still he could not save his business and everything was sold to him. His health started deteriorating after thinking about business, due to which his father died after some time.


A mountain of sorrow fell upon John's family. John had also leave his studies.

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Now his family consisted of his mother and he had nothing. He started living on the sidewalk. His mother used to make arrangements for food by working at home. John was not getting a job anywhere because his studies were not completed.


John had no idea what to do as he was not getting a job anywhere. He was very upset.

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One day John found a man who took him to a factory. John started working there. Once he was working when the manager of that factory comes there. He recognizes John on seeing him and starts crying a lot but John does not recognize him when John hugs him, then John also recognizes him and both cry a lot because the manager of that factory is none other than his A childhood friend is Jackson.


Seeing both of them together, all the laborers standing there are stunned, they think that how can the manager's friend working with us. Then John narrates the whole incident to Jackson and Jackson says where is Auntie, take me to him only then John takes him to the place where he and his mother used to live.


When John's mother saw Jackson, she did not recognize him. Jackson fell at her feet and started crying. She asks him who are you son then he says I am Jackson. Today I have fulfilled the promise, she is very happy to see all this.

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Jackson says aunty where did I not find you, you taught me not to help others but today I want to help you because whatever I am is because of you now you will stay with me at my house.


But John's mother refuses and says that no son, you thought all this was enough for us, but Jackson did not believe that he took both of them to his house.

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Jackson's mother had died long ago. Jackson John and his mother live together. Jackson had admitted John to college to complete his studies. They all started living together. Saw friends, always good happens with those who do good.


Short Story Of Two Friends Moral


  • If you always do good to others, good will always be good to you too.
  • The good deeds done by you will surely come back to you one day.

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