Story Of An Apple Tree And Farmer 🍎🍎🍎

Story Of An Apple Tree And Farmer In English With Moral


Story Of An Apple Tree And Farmer 🍎🍎🍎


Story of an apple tree and farmerA long time ago, there lived a farmer in a village. His house was behind the forest. He had a big garden in which there were many trees and lovely flowers. In all of them there was a very old apple tree.


When the farmer was a child, he used to play a lot on the apple tree. However, now that big apple tree had stopped giving fruit for a long time.

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In his time, that apple tree gave many apples to that farmer. he used to have very tasty and big apples. But now the farmer started feeling that the apple tree is no longer of any use.


That's why the farmer decided that he would cut that apple tree and make new furniture out of its wood. Because the tree was very big and old, so its furniture also had to be good.


But the farmer forgot that he had spent his entire childhood climbing this tree, playing with it and eating its fine and sweet apples.


Many types of animals and birds used to live on the apple tree. It was home to squirrels, pigeons and a variety of birds and insects.


When the boy, now a young farmer, picked up the axe and started cutting down the tree, all the small animals came running out.


Everyone started pleading with the farmer, but he was constantly using an axe to bring down the tree. The whole crowd gathered around the farmer and said, "Please don't cut the apple tree.

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We all used to play with a small child under this apple tree. This is our home and we have no other place to live."


But the farmer did not listen to him and he kept on wielding the axe.


Meanwhile the squirrel said, "Please don't cut the trees, or else our house will be destroyed and what will happen to our little kids?"


The little bird said, "Please don't cut this tree or else our nests will be destroyed."

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The grasshopper said "Please don't cut this apple tree".


Story Of An Apple Tree And Farmer In English With Moral


The farmer, however, had forgotten his childhood and also who were his childhood friends. He again started wielding the axe more quickly. All the animals and birds wanted to save their home at any cost.


The little creatures said, "We will sing a song for you when you get tired of working in the field. We will take care of your little one. He will not cry but he will be happier and we will entertain him too. You will like our songs and you will forget your tiredness.


But his saying all this also went in vain. The farmer, ignoring everything, continued the work of cutting the apple tree.


Suddenly he noticed something flashing. After inspecting, he came to know that it was a beehive which was completely filled with honey.


He took some honey on his hand and tested it. The taste of that honey awakened the little child inside him.


Suddenly he remembered everything from his childhood days. The taste of honey was so good that he wanted to have more. Because of this, there was a feeling of happiness inside him. He smiled and said, "It tastes great."


Seeing the change in the attitude of the farmer, everyone said one by one.


The bee said, "I will always give you good honey."


The squirrel said, "I will share my food with you."


The bird said, "We will sing many songs for you."


Eventually, the farmer realized his mistake. He put down his axe. He understood that this tree is not only giving fruit but it is also the home of many animals and birds, which gives us many more. He was feeling himself as his own little child again.


The little child inside the farmer saved the apple tree from being cut down.

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He threw his axe away and said to the little creatures, “I promise not to cut this tree.


I have realized my mistake and from now on all of you can live happily and peacefully here. This is your home."


All the animals thanked the bee. If the farmer did not see that bee hive, then today everyone would be homeless.


Story Of An Apple Tree And Farmer Moral


We don't know the value of something until we lose it.

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