Story Of Camel And Jackal

Story Of Camel And Jackal In English With Moral


Story Of Camel And Jackal 

Friends, in this post we are sharing the story of camel and jackal. This story is about the friendship of a cunning jackal and a camel. Friends, one day the jackal shows his cunning and then how the camel teaches him a lesson. This incident is described in this story. So read the story of the camel and the jackal.


jackal and camel story

A jackal living in a dense forest had friendship with a camel living in the same forest. They used to meet everyday on the banks of the river and talk a lot. They do not even know how time is spent in talking.


The jackal was cunning according to his instincts. But the camel was simple. Days were passing just like that and they were having fun.


One day, a crocodile told the jackal that watermelons are planted in a field located across the river and they have become sweet and juicy after ripening. 

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Camel And Jackal Story In English With Moral

Just thinking of the sweet juicy watermelon made the jackal's mouth water. But the jackal could not cross the river. But he wanted to eat those sweet juicy watermelons.


A plan came to the jackal's mind and he immediately went to meet the camel. When he reached near the camel, the camel said, "Come friend! Tell me, how did you come today on such a hot sunny afternoon?


The jackal started talking softly and said "Friend! I have come to tell you that there are sweet juicy watermelons in a field across the river.


And I have heard that watermelons are ripe and you will surely be happy after eating such sweet watermelons and I am happy in your happiness. How come I can't tell you? Just run and go."


The camel also liked the taste of watermelon. He said, "Thanks friend! I'm preparing to go there now. How long has it been since I actually ate watermelon!”

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Seeing the camel preparing to go to the watermelon field alone, the jackal said, "Friend! I like watermelon too. I want to eat watermelon too. But what to do? I can't swim.


Come on, it doesn't matter… you ate watermelon, then I will understand that I ate too.


The camel said to the jackal, "How are you talking friend? Can I leave you here? I will carry you on my back and take you to the field across the river.

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We will both have fun eating sweet juicy watermelon.” Hearing about the camel, the jackal became happy.


The camel made the jackal sit on its back and started swimming in the water of the river.


After some time both reached the watermelon field. Both ate a lot of watermelon.

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When the jackal's stomach was full after eating the sweet juicy watermelon, he started making the sound of 'hua hua' in joy.


The camel tried to pacify him, but he did not listen. The jackal's voice was going to the farmer living at some distance of the field.


The farmer understood that someone had entered the field and ran to the field with a stick in his hand, where he found the camel standing.


Seeing the farmer, the jackal ran away and hid behind a tree. Because of its huge body it was not possible for the camel to hide anywhere. So he stood there.

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Seeing the camel, the farmer got furious. He started beating her with sticks and thrashed her out of the field.


The poor camel was standing outside the field moaning after such a tremendous thrashing.


After a while, the jackal hiding behind the tree came out of the field secretly and came out to him.


The camel asked the jackal, "Why did you start crying after eating sweet juicy watermelon in the field?"


The jackal said, "Friend! If I do not make the sound of 'hua hua' after having a full stomach, then my food is not digested. the jackal answered


Hearing his answer, the camel got very angry. But he remained silent. Both started returning to the forest.


The camel was swimming in the river carrying the jackal on its back. The jackal was very happy in his heart that the camel was thrashed.


When they reached the middle of the river, suddenly the camel took a dip in the water. The jackal started drowning in the water and cried out in fear, "Why are you taking a dip in the water friend?"


The camel replied. "I have a habit of taking such a dip in water after eating."

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The jackal understood that the camel had repaid his cunning.


The jackal could hardly save his life and was scared all the way.


The jackal had got the lesson of his cunning. From that day onwards he never cheated or manipulated the camel.


Story Of Camel And Jackal Moral


  • As you sow, so you shall reap.
  • Whatever kind of work you do, you will get the same result.


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