Story Of Rapunzel In Short With Moral 👸

Story Of Rapunzel In Short With Moral


Story Of Rapunzel In Short With Moral 👸


story of rapunzel in short:- A beautiful long haired girl named Rapunzel was in captivity of an old sorceress. She falls in love with a prince. She is to marry the prince.


But the sorceress comes to know about this and the sorceress cuts off Rapunzel's long hair and leaves her in a desert and the sorceress also pushes the prince off the tower and the prince becomes blind after falling into the thorn bushes.


For many years the Blind Prince wanders in the jungles, deserts and finally the prince and Rapunzel are found.


Rapunzel's tears healed Prince's eyes and now Rapunzel and Prince have two children. On the other hand, the old sorceress dies of hunger and thirst due to being imprisoned in the tower.

Story Of Rapunzel In Short With Moral

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Full Story Of Rapunzel In English With Moral


Once upon a time in a village there lived a couple of husband and wife. Both of them were very happy in their life. But he had only one concern. It was that he had no children.


The wife used to be sad all the time in the hope of a child. In such a situation, her husband would console her that surely one day God would definitely fulfill her wish.


There was a beautiful garden near his house. In the middle of that garden was the abode of an evil old sorceress. The wife often used to look at the beautiful flowers blooming in that garden from the window of her house. One day suddenly she came to know that she was pregnant.


Immediately when she told this to her beloved husband and both of them were very happy. He thanked God. The husband promised that now he will take great care of the wife and after that day he started taking more care. He used to fulfill every small and big wish.


One day the wife saw Rapunzel's leaves in the sorceress's garden from the window of her house. Those leaves looked very green and fresh, seeing which he felt like eating.


In some places it is believed that by eating Rapunzel leaves, a pregnant woman gives birth to a healthy and beautiful child.


She told this wonderful wish to her husband and asked him to pluck Rapunzel's leaves from that garden.


The husband had promised to fulfill every wish, but due to the fear of the sorceress, he definitely hesitated. But how could he avoid wish of his wife?

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With the intention of fulfilling his wife's wish, he entered that garden. But as soon as he tried to break Rapunzel's leaves, the sorceress came in front of him. The sorceress was very angry with him.


The husband started apologizing in front of her. He told the sorceress that his wife wanted to eat Rapunzel's leaves. He has come to this garden only to fulfill his wish.


The sorceress could not believe it, but the sorceress allowed him to take Rapunzel's leaves. But on the condition that when his wife gives birth to a child, she will take that child on that day. At that time, out of fear, the husband accepted this condition and came home with Rapunzel's leaves.


From that day onwards, he plucked Rapunzel's leaves every day and brought them for his wife. She used to eat those leaves very fondly. Then a few months later a very beautiful baby girl was born.


The sorceress came to know about this, according to her condition, she reached his house to pick up that girl. Keeping his promise, he gave the girl to the sorceress.


The sorceress named that girl Rapunzel.


Rapunzel gradually grew up to become a very beautiful girl. When she was 12 years old, the sorceress took her to a tower and locked her there. There was neither a door nor a ladder in that tower. There was a small window at a very high altitude.


Rapunzel's hair was thick and long. Whenever the sorceress wanted to meet her, she would shout, "Rapunzel! Leave your hair down." Immediately Rapunzel would hang her long hair down and the sorceress would climb up to the window of the tower with her support.


Most of the sorceresses used to visit Rapunzel in the afternoon to deliver food and the rest of the time Rapunzel was alone. Rapunzel was very sad to be locked in that tower for many years.


Story Of Rapunzel In Short In English


Like everyone else, she wanted to see the outside world. Even after asking her several times, the old sorceress was not ready to take her out of the tower. Rapunzel's voice was very sweet. She used to sing songs mostly sitting at the window. One day, while sitting in the window singing a song, a prince passed by. The prince had come to play hunting in the forest.


"Who has such a sweet voice?" Hearing this, he went towards the tower after hearing a melodious voice. But as soon as he reached there, the sound of the song stopped. Then he heard a dangerous sound. "Rapunzel! Leave your hair down." The old sorceress was screaming.


Immediately the hair came down and the old sorceress grabbed the hair and started climbing up.

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The prince was stunned to see this. The prince, hiding under the cover of the tree, also reached under the tower, wishing to see the girl with the melodious voice and shouted - "Rapunzel! Leave your hair down."


Like every time, the blonde and long hair came down immediately. Now the prince also grabbed her and came inside through the window of the tower.

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Rapunzel was terrified on seeing the prince.


The prince talked to her very lovingly and all the fear of Rapunzel was gone. At the behest of the prince, she sang the song to him, the prince began to visit Rapunzel every day and fell in love with Rapunzel.


A few days later he proposed marriage to Rapunzel and Rapunzel happily accepted.

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The prince asks for a way out of the tower to take Rapunzel with him, then Rapunzel says - "I don't know. The sorceress comes here only with the help of my hair."


They both wanted to get out, so Rapunzel asked the prince to bring her daily silk threads and she would build a ladder to get down from those threads.


Following her advice, the prince began to bring silk threads daily and Rapunzel began to weave the stairs with her. After a few days, Rapunzel became pregnant and so she wanted to break free from captivity in the tower as soon as possible.


One day the old sorceress saw the prince climbing the tower. She was enraged by Rapunzel's deceit. The next day when she came to give food to Rapunzel, she cut Rapunzel's hair and left her in the desert.


The next evening the prince came to visit Rapunzel as usual and shouted, "Rapunzel! Hang your hair." The sorceress hung Rapunzel's cut hair down.


When the prince reached the tower holding the hair, he was terrified to see the sorceress. Asked, "Where is Rapunzel?" The sorceress said, "She has gone and now you will not find her." Saying this he pushed the prince from the tower.

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The prince fell on the sharp bushes and the thorns pierced both his eyes, due to which he lost his sight. He started wandering in agony.


Many years had passed. The wandering prince also reached the same desert where sorceress had left Rapunzel. He heard the melodious voice of the song and recognized that it was Rapunzel's voice.


The prince started running in the direction of the voice shouting, “Rapunzel…. Rapunzel".


Rapunzel also saw the prince and the both were reunited. Seeing the condition of the prince, Rapunzel started crying and when Rapunzel's tears fell in the eyes of the prince, the prince's eyes were healed.


Rapunzel gave birth to a boy and a girl shortly after being released into the desert by the sorceress. Here Rapunzel's hair had grown too. After meeting the prince came to the palace and started living there happily.


There being no way to get down, the sorceress died of hunger and thirst.


Story Of Rapunzel In Short With Moral


  • All's well that ends well.
  • Evil can trouble you sometime but sometimes happiness will come
  • The one who does bad also has a bad ending. 

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