Tailor And Elephant Story In English With Moral

Tailor And Elephant Story In English With Moral


Tailor And Elephant Story


My dear little friends, today I have brought for you the story of a very famous tailor and elephant. You must have heard this story from your parents or grandparents.


Friends, we learn from tailor and elephant story that if we do bad to others, then bad will happen to us too.


Tailor And Elephant Story In English With Moral


That was a long time ago. There was a temple in a village. The priest of that temple had an elephant. The elephant used to welcome the devotees who came to the temple. Everyone in the village loved the elephant.


After the worship in the temple was over, the elephant used to go to the village pond to take a bath and take a dip in the pond and take a bath.

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When the elephant used to take a bath in the pond and roll it home, there was a tailor's shop on the way. The elephant always stopped at the tailor's shop and the tailor would feed the elephant a banana. After this the elephant bowed to the tailor with its trunk and went home.


One evening when the elephant was coming home after taking a bath in the pond and stopped at the tailor's shop to eat a banana. That day the tailor was in a mischievous mood.


The tailor gave the elephant a banana to eat. The elephant ate the same banana and raised the trunk to bow to the tailor. The tailor pricked the needle on the elephant's trunk.


The elephant felt pain. Elephant went to his house groaning in pain. The tailor laughed a lot seeing the elephant moaning in pain and made fun of the elephant.

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As usual the next day also the elephant went to the pond to take a bath and while taking a bath, stopped near a mud pit on the way and the elephant filled its trunk with mud and came to the tailor's shop.


The tailor was busy with his work. The tailor had stitched and ironed several new dresses and arranged them neatly. He was just looking at his work.

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When he saw the elephant stopping at his shop.The very next moment, the elephant with its trunk full of mud left the mud fountain inside the tailor's shop and soiled the tailor's newly stitched clothes.


The tailor's newly stitched clothes had become dirty. Now the tailor was realizing his mistake. He apologized to the elephant with folded hands and said, elephant friend, you have done right. This is how a person like me understands.


The tailor told the elephant that I will never hurt anyone from today onwards.

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The elephant shook its head, raised its trunk and went home.


Tailor And Elephant Story Moral


If you do Bad to others, then Bad will happen to you too.

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