The Butterfly Short Story For Kids

The Butterfly Short Inspirational Story In English

The Butterfly Short Story For Kids


Butterfly Story A very inspirational short story which teaches you precious life lessons to move ahead in life and this butterfly story also tells the importance of struggle in life to be successful.


The Butterfly Short Inspirational Story In English


One morning a man found a silky cocoon of a butterfly in a garden. He was very curious to see what would happen to that cocoon.


The next day the man found that a small hole was visible in the cocoon. He sat there anxiously and watched for several hours what would happen next in the butterfly's cocoon.

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The butterfly was struggling to get its whole body out of that tiny hole. Then suddenly the man found that the butterfly has stopped moving and is unable to come out of the cocoon.


So the kind man took pity on that innocent butterfly and started helping him. He tried to get the butterfly out of a small hole by cutting the cocoon with scissors.

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The little princess butterfly came out easily as the man helped her, but the butterfly's wings were swollen and withered along with the body. The man was overjoyed as he helped the butterfly to come out of the small hole in the cocoon. The man kept watching.


The man was expecting that at any moment the butterfly's wings would start growing and it would fly but nothing like that happened!


Actually, the beautiful and innocent butterfly could not fly with its beautiful wings.

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The man was very kind but did not understand that by making the hole in the cocoon bigger, he was actually disrupting the entire life cycle of the butterfly because struggling to come out of the cocoon was essential for the life of the butterfly.


It was a natural process of progress but man interrupted the whole process, thus due to the folly of the kind man, the beautiful butterfly died after a short time.

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The Butterfly Story With Moral


This butterfly short story shows the importance of struggle in life. Struggle only makes us strong. Struggle is essential for life to prepare oneself for future opportunities.


So, the next time you feel that your life is going through struggles, problems and hurdles, try to remember this inspiring short butterfly story to understand the truth that struggle is the beginning of achieving something good and special. 

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