The Crow And The Fox Story

The Crow And The Fox Story With Moral In English


The Crow And The Fox Story 


In a big forest, there used to be a crow living on a high branch of a tree. All the animals used to stay away from him. the reason for this was his incoherent voice, which no one liked to hear.


The crow was very fond of singing. the crow understood that everyone was jealous of him because of his melodious voice. Regardless of anything, he used to enjoy his own tune.

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Once the crow, after working very hard, brought bread for himself and took it to his tree and started eating it, in which a fox passed by, he was very hungry and he was not getting anything to eat.


Seeing the crow eating the bread, the fox started planning to snatch the bread from the crow, now she did not want to work hard for food after seeing the crow's bread.


Suddenly he remembered that all the animals are disturbed by the dissonant voice of the crow but he considers himself very melodious.


The Crow And The Fox Story With Moral In English


The fox became happy in his heart that by fooling the crow, he would snatch his bread.

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The fox said, crow brother, you are here! How eager I was to meet you, I have heard that you sing in a very sweet voice,


But because of the quality of singing songs in your sweet voice, all the birds are jealous of you, they are afraid that you may be declared the king of all the birds.


What will the foolish birds understand of your value, I request you to sing me a song in your sweet voice. Would you do this for me?


Hearing his praise and the fox's lies, the crow became arrogant. As soon as the crow opened its beak to sing the song, the bread stuck in its mouth fell down.

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As soon as the bread fell, the fox quickly picked up the bread and ran away.


The crow stared at the whole sight in front of his eyes and lost his piece of bread by getting caught in the fox's trick.


The Crow And The Fox Story Moral


Children learn from this story that you should avoid people who give false praise and never be so proud of yourself that people think you are a fool.

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