The Elephant And The Lion Stories

The Elephant And The Lion Stories

The Elephant And The Lion Stories


Today we are going to tell you the stories of elephant and lion, from these stories children get to learn important lessons of life.


The Elephant And The Lion Story -1


Once upon a time there lived an elephant in the South Africa forest. The elephant was very big and powerful but had a very good heart.


All the animals of the forest loved the elephant very much. Whenever an animal was in trouble in the forest, the elephant used to help him out of trouble.

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Once a dangerous lion came from somewhere in the forest, he declared himself as the king of the jungle. The lion was very evil and used to trouble all the animals of the forest without any reason.


The lion used to hunt whatever animal the lion found, whether he was hungry or not. He would eat some of the killed animals, throwing the rest away without eating them.


The animals of the forest were very sad and scared due to these actions of the lion. They somehow wanted to teach a lesson to the lion, but they could not understand what to do?


One day all the animals of the forest called a meeting. The meeting was attended by wolf, fox, bear, deer, fox, monkey and many other animals of the forest. Many measures were considered in the meeting but there was no consensus on anything.


Finally an elderly bear said - "Brothers! In this way, we cannot do anything, why don't we go to the elephant and tell the elephant everything. Maybe he can get us out of this trouble.


The Elephant And The Lion Story In English


The animals liked the talk of the elderly bear and all the animals reached the elephant and everyone told the elephant their problem.


Hearing the problem of all the animals of the forest, the elephant said, "This is very wrong, the lion should not hunt animals without any reason. In this way all the animals of the forest will be destroyed. I will talk to the lion about it."

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The very next day the elephant went to the lion and said to the lion, "Lion, the king of the jungle!


You are the king of the jungle and all the animals are your subjects. The way you are hunting animals indiscriminately without any reason, then all the animals of the forest will be destroyed, then how will you fill your stomach.


The lion got angry after listening to the elephant and the lion said - "Oh fat elephant! You even know who I am. You have come here as the head of all these timid animals and you are teaching me what I should do and what not to do. Walk away or else I'll kill you too.


The elephant tried a lot to convince the lion, but he did not agree and started calling the elephant bad, gradually there was a dispute between the elephant and the lion.


Hearing the threatening words of the lion, the elephant also got angry and the elephant said to the lion - let's fight today, let's see who wins? If you win, I will be your slave for the rest of my life, and if I win, you will have to leave this forest. 

The lion accepted the elephant's challenge. There was a fierce fight between the lion and the elephant.


All the animals of the forest were watching the fight. Both the lion and the elephant were fighting with full force, no one could understand who would win.

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Then the lion took a high jump and sat on top of the elephant. Seeing this, the elephant got angry and grabbed the elephant with its trunk and threw it down and hit it with its feet.


In this way the lion got injured after being beaten up and apologizing to the elephant said – “Elephant brother! Don't kill me, I accept my defeat. I understand how much pain it hurts when it hurts. Now I will not disturb any animal without any reason. I will leave this forest and go away."


Thus the elephant won the battle and the lion lost. After defeat, the lion left the forest and went away. All the animals of the forest were very happy and everyone thanked the elephant.


Everyone together said to the elephant - "Dear elephant! You have protected all the animals from this dreaded and dangerous lion, we all together want to make you the new king of the jungle."


The elephant said - "Brothers! I do not want to be the king of the jungle. I have no desire to be the king".


But the animals of the forest did not agree and all together made the elephant the new king of the jungle.


In this way all the animals started living very happily under the rule of that kind elephant.


The Elephant And The Lion Story Moral


Education- The story of the lion and the elephant teaches us that we should never trouble the weak by misusing our power.


Elephant And Lion Story In English With Moral - 2



Long time ago there was a forest. Many wild animals lived in that forest. Various types of fruits and flowers were found in the forest, eating which the animals used to satisfy their hunger. There were many small and big ponds in the forest. Wild animals used to drink water from these ponds.


Once there was a famine in the forest. Small ponds dried up due to lack of rain. Now there was only one big pond which had water. All the animals of the forest used to come to this pond to drink water.


Gradually, there were fights amongst themselves about the matter of drinking water among the animals. It is a matter of one day that a big elephant was coming to drink water, at the same time the lion also came to drink water.

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All the animals of the forest ran away after seeing the lion, but the elephant was very thirsty, so he did not stop and started drinking water. The lion did not like this behavior of the elephant.


The lion got angry and said to the elephant - "Oh elephant! Do you not see that I have also come to drink water and you have started drinking water before me. You step back first let me drink water.


Even the elephant was very thirsty. The elephant said angrily - "Oh lion! Show your heck to another animal. I have come here first and I will drink water first."

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There was a tussle between the lion and the elephant and then the fight started between the two. Sometimes the lion would stick its claws and teeth in the elephant's body and sometimes the elephant would beat the lion with its trunk.


Both the lion and the elephant were bleeding profusely and both were very tired.


Then both of them saw that many hyenas have come near the pond and vultures have started hovering in the sky. Both the lion and the elephant understood that they were all waiting for us to die so that they could fill their stomachs.


Both knew that if the fight went on like this, then one or the other would definitely be killed and the one who would survive would be so tired that they would not be able to face them all alone and they would kill and eat him too.

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The lion and the elephant looked at each other and both understood each other's gesture. Both of them stopped fighting and drank water together and relieved their fatigue.


The hyenas were left on sight and nothing could go wrong for both of them. In this way the elephant and the lion wisely saved their lives and became friends with each other.


Elephant And Lion Story Moral


Education:- This story of elephant and lion teaches us that someone else takes advantage of the fight of two people. that is why forgetting petty hatred, we should live together.

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