The Fox And The Stork Story

Fox And Stork Story In English With Moral


The Fox And The Stork Story


A long time ago, a fox and a stork lived in a forest. These two were very good friends.


The stork used to catch fish from the pond daily and give it to the fox to eat. In this way the friendship of both of them became very deep.


The stork was very simple, but the fox was very clever and cunning. She always harassed others. He used to enjoy insulting and making fun of others.

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One day he thought why not insult and make fun of the stork once. Thinking so, he invited the stork to the feast.


He deliberately served the soup in a plate. He knew that the stork could not drink the soup from the plate.


Fox And Stork Story In English With Moral


Seeing him not drinking the soup, the fox was very happy and showing false concern started asking the stork, what is the matter friend, did not like the soup?

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The stork said no friend, it is very tasty.


When the stork saw that the soup was served on a plate and the fox was deliberately questioning him, he understood everything, but did not say anything.

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On that day, the stork had to be hungry as well as suffer humiliation, but while leaving, the stork also invited him to his place for a feast and the fox reached the stork's house on the very next day.


The stork also made soup at the feast and invited other long-beaked birds along with the fox.


The stork served the soup in a jug. The mouth of the jug was so small that only the beak could enter it.


The fox kept watching the jug and all the other birds drinking the soup all the time.

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Meanwhile, the stork asked, what’s the matter friend did not like the soup.


The fox suddenly remembered his words.


Everyone said that the soup is very tasty. The fox also had to say yes to everyone.

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Seeing all this, the fox was feeling very humiliated in itself, but could not say anything.


The Fox And Stork Story Moral


We should never insult anyone, as we do to others, it happens to us.

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