The Magic Pencil Short Story

The Magic Pencil Short Story in english with moral


The Magic Pencil Short Story ✐


Once upon a time there was a nine year old boy named James. One morning James wished that he did not have to go to school because he had an exam in school that day for which he had not studied because he was too busy playing Minecraft on his mobile.


James used to waste all his time playing games on mobile.


A few days ago, his mom and dad had told him that if he got bad marks in the exam, he would have to go back to boarding school.


James didn't like boarding school because the last time he went, other boys tried to jump him into the lake. The teacher caught him and James could barely escape.

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james didn't want to go back to boarding school.


When it was time to go to school today, James pleaded to stay home but his mother said "no"! And his mother dropped him off at school and gave him a new pencil and wished him all the best for his exams.


As soon as James reached his class room, the teacher said that the exam would be held after lunch.

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The Magic Pencil Short Story In English


At lunch, James studied really hard, so hard that he forgot to eat. After lunch James was really hungry. He was only thinking about the food. As James sat down at his desk, he said to himself "I wish my pencil could write everything down for me and all the answers were correct".


When he got the exam paper, something magical happened! His pencil started writing the answer for him! James was astounded... and he was greatly relieved.


When James got his answer sheet back and saw that he got 100%, he started using his magic pencil for every test.


After a few weeks, James's magic pencil was too short to write! James' teacher told him to throw it away and get a new one.


James didn't want to throw it because he knew it was a magic pencil but he did what the teacher said.


When James came home, he asked his mother for a new pencil, but James' mother said that the pencil was over at home because the school year was almost over.


The next day James' report card arrived in the mail. James did really well in all his subjects and his parents were really proud of him.


Later that evening James' father gave him a gift, when James opened it and saw that it was a new shiny pen. James expected this too to be a magic pen.


After some time James checked that pen but that pen was not a magical pen, due to which James became depressed.


Seeing James sad, his mother asked him what happened, then James told the whole thing to his mother.


Hearing James, his mother first laughed and then told James.


My son you got good marks because you worked hard in studies, magic doesn't happen but you considered that pencil magical and that's why you got confidence.


The Magic Pencil Short Story Moral


The biggest magic for us is our confidence in ourselves.

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