The Story Of The Crocodile And The Monkey

The Story Of The Crocodile And The Monkey


The Story Of The Crocodile And The Monkey


The story of crocodile and monkey is a unique folk tale in which a lot of lessons are also learned. This is a short entertaining story which all of you will love.


All of you must have heard the story of crocodile and monkey in your childhood and every parent definitely narrates this story to their children.

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The main characters of the story of crocodile and monkey -


  • Monkey
  • Crocodile
  • Crocodile's Wife


The Story Of The Crocodile And The Monkey


That was a long time ago. There was a river in a forest. A monkey lived on an apple tree on the bank of the river. The apples of that tree were very sweet.

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A crocodile also lived in that river. One day the crocodile came to the tree looking for food.


The monkey asked the crocodile the reason for coming there, Then the crocodile gave the reason for his arrival.


The monkey said that there are very sweet apples on this tree and the monkey gave some apples to the crocodile to eat.


For this reason the monkey became friends with the crocodile. Now every day that monkey used to give sweet apples to that crocodile to eat.


One day the crocodile took some apples to his house and gave it to his wife too. After eating sweet apple, his wife said that "the heart of the person who eats so many sweet fruits every day will be very sweet".


Saying this she told her husband that she needed to eat the monkey's heart. And she stuck to this stubbornness as if.


The crocodile said that the monkey is his friend and he refused to kill the monkey.

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The crocodile's wife did not agree and she pretended to be sick and told the crocodile that her health would not get better until the monkey's liver would be eaten by her.


Now the poor foolish crocodile, forced by the insistence of his wife, makes a move.

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He tells the monkey that his lovely sister-in-law (crocodile's wife) wants to meet you. The monkey is surprised and says how will I come to your house in the river? I do not know how to swim?


The cunning crocodile asked the monkey to sit on its back and the crocodile would take the monkey to its home safely.


The monkey agreed to his friend and jumped from the tree on the crocodile's back.


The monkey got on the crocodile's back and the crocodile started swimming towards his house when they reached the middle of the river.


The crocodile, thinking that now there is no harm in telling the monkey the truth because the monkey cannot run away, he told the whole thing to the monkey that his wife wants to eat the monkey's sweet heart.


Hearing this, the monkey felt very sad and as if his heart was broken. The wise monkey did not lose his patience and said with alacrity "Oh my dear friend, why didn't you tell this to me earlier?


I have hung my heart in an apple tree. Let's take me back to the bank of the river so that I can bring my heart to feed my sister-in-law and fulfill her wish”.

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The foolish crocodile agreed to the monkey and walked towards the tree.


As soon as the crocodile reached the tree on the bank of the river, the monkey jumped rapidly on the apple tree and said in anger – “You are not a crocodile but a donkey.


Stupid, can anyone live without a heart? Walk away from here - Our friendship has ended from today, now you will not even get apples to eat.


Moral:-  The Story Of The Crocodile And The Monkey

  • Bad Result Of Bad Deed.

  • Do not lose courage and patience at the time of Trouble, If you work with courage and mind, then the difficulties will end.

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