The Story Of The Scorpion, The Frog And The Snake

the Scorpion And The Frog Story in english with moral


Scorpion And The Frog Story - 1


There was a big piece of stone on the bank of a river, a scorpion lived under it and a frog also lived near the same river.


One day both of them met on the bank of the river. Both of them became friends and vowed to die for each other's sake.

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They also promised that they would always be ready to help each other.


Scorpion And Frog Story In English


After some time, the rainy season came, one day suddenly it started raining heavily, the water of the river started increasing.


The water of the river increased so much that the piece of stone which was on the bank of the river started drowning in the water and the scorpion which lived under the piece of stone also started drowning in the water.

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Seeing this, the frog said, friend, do not lose heart, I will not let anything happen to you, saying this, the frog lifted it on its back and started moving towards the shore with it.


As soon as it reached the shore, the frog brought the scorpion off its back. While landing, the scorpion stung the frog.


The frog started tormented with pain and said to the scorpion what did you do, I saved your life, in return you stung me, why did you do this? Was this our friendship?


The scorpion said friend, don't doubt my friendship, it is my nature to sting.

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Scorpion And The Frog Story Moral


The Scorpion and the Frog is an animal story that teaches that habitual people hurt others, even if they are friends.


Snake And The Frog Story - 2


Snake And The Frog Story

Many frogs lived in a well. The name of the king of those frogs was Charlie. Charlie, the king of frogs, was very irritable and quarrelsome. There were two or three more wells around that well. Many frogs lived in those wells too. Each well had a different king.


Charlie, the king of frogs, used to fight with all the kings for one reason or the other. When he made some mistake due to his stupidity, when the wise and sensible frogs tried to stop him, he would be fiercely washed away by some hooligan frogs raised by Charlie.


Anger towards King Charlie grew among all the frogs. He always blamed his mistake on someone else.


Once the king of frogs Charlie got into a fight with the king of frogs in the neighboring well. There was a lot of abuse between them both. The quarrel escalated so much that Charlie decided to take revenge on the king.

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He came to his well and called all the frogs and said, "The neighboring king has insulted your king a lot. So you all go and attack the neighboring well."


Some wise frogs after consulting among themselves said, "Your Majesty! The frogs in the neighboring well are twice our number and they are stronger than us, so we cannot fight them.


Charlie, the king of frogs, became very angry after hearing all of them. He called his sons and said, "Your father has been greatly humiliated by the neighboring kingdom, you all go and beat up the sons of the king of the neighboring kingdom."


All the sons listened to their father and started looking at each other's face. The eldest son said, "Father, you never allowed us to tremble. Frogs are energized by screaming and how can we fight other frogs without enthusiasm.”

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Now Charlie, the king of frogs, got irritated with everyone. He came out of his well and started roaming here and there. While roaming around, his eyes fell on a black snake which was entering its burrow.


The Snake And The Frog Story In English


When the enemy becomes his own enemy, thinking that the enemy should be adopted, Charlie, the king of frogs, went to him as quickly as possible and said, "O snake god! Accept my Obeisances".


The snake hissed and said, "Oh frog, I am your enemy. I can eat you. Still you are giving voice to me by coming in front of my bill.


Charlie the king of frogs, said, "Sometimes they give more suffering than their enemies”. My own caste and family members have insulted me deeply.


Because of this I have come to my enemy with a cry for help to teach them a lesson. You accept my friendship, you have fun only.


The snake came out of the bill and said, "What is my pleasure in this?"


Charlie the king of frogs, said, "I'll give you a lot of frogs to eat. By eating them you will become like a dragon."


The snake said, "If I can't go into the water, how will I catch the frog?"


Charlie the king of frogs, said, “I have made several tunnels to keep an eye on frogs from other kingdoms. There is a room near those tunnels, you hide in that room and I say eat that frog.


The snake agreed to befriend Charlie because it was his only advantage in that. If a fool is ready to surrender his loved ones to the enemy's stomach out of revenge, then the enemy will surely take advantage of it.


The snake went to the tunnel chamber and sat down. As Charlie told the snake, the snake ate all the frogs in the neighboring states. When everyone was finished, the snake said to Charlie, "Now tell whom should I eat? Now I have got used to being full for the whole day.”


Now the king of frogs, Charlie has made snake food to all the intelligent frogs in his well. After eating them, the snake asked for more food, so Charlie thought that my people keep complaining to me all the time, they are like that.

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Charlie gave the snake to all his subjects to eat. After eating the people, the snake asked for more food, so Charlie said, "Now only my sons and friends are left."


The snake said, "I don't know anything, just make arrangements for my food." Charlie, the king of frogs, handed over his friends to the snake.


After eating them, the snake asked for more food, so Charlie also handed over his sons to the snake thinking that if my wife and I remain alive, then they will produce more children.


After eating them, the snake hissed and said, "Where is the food?" The king of frogs, Charlie, pointed to the frightened frog. After eating the frog, the snake asked for more food, so Charlie with folded hands said, "Friend, there is no one left except me. Now go back to your bill."


The snake said, "Which do you look like my brother?"


Saying this, the snake also ate Charlie, the king of frogs.


Snake And The Frog Story Moral


One who makes friends with the enemy to take revenge on his loved ones, his end is certain.

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