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What Is The Meaning Of LOL


What Is The Meaning Of LOL


Hello friends, today we will tell you about a word that today's youth and children use very much. Yes guys that word is "LOL".


Read the full article to know about what is the meaning of LOL and why it is used in Whatsapp.

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What Is The Meaning Of LOL In English


In today's social media era, it is very important for us to stay up to date. Nowadays everyone uses short form during conversation.


That's why we should know “what is the meaning of the most used word "LOL" on social media and in which places we can use it and how many meanings it has. we will clear all the doubts in this article today.

When we talk to someone and we have to say something to him, then we use short form which is very popular in today's messaging world.


Friends LOL word meaning is laugh out loud and some people also say that it means lot of love but most people use it for laugh out loud.


Whenever a person sends a funny thing to someone on social media, the other person replies to him with the word "LOL" which means he is getting a lot of laughs. Or we can say that laughing out loud is called LOL, another meaning of LOL is lots of love.


If a person is sending some good images to someone or doing some good things, then the other person wants to say that there is a love message, then we can reply to him also LOL, we can also use these words in replying. And if we have to comment on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, then we can use these words.


Nowadays people like to use short form but this word should not have official usage, it is a messaging word, so we can not use this word in any formal letter or in our official work or to talk to any common person.


LOL Full Form


Friends, now we know what is the full form of LOL because if you want to know the meaning of LOL then you should know the full form of LOL because full form will help you a lot, don't take tension, you will understand everything.


LOL = Lough out loud

LOL = Lots of love


Where “LOL” should not be used?


These words have a lot of limits. we cannot use them while talking to our teacher, parents. It is not a very respectful of formal word.


The word "LOL" will be understood through an example:-


Julie: - Did you see that comedy show. the punch lines in it were very funny.

Rosie :- LOL


The meaning of this sentence is that when Rosie heard that sentence, she replied with "LOL word", which means she too laughed a lot watching that show.

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A lot of people also use the word "LOL" to make fun of other people. If you are laughing at any person then you will tell your friend "LOL".


It means look what a funny boy or girl this is. In this way it is also used as an insult.

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Another example of the word "LOL"


James:- Guys this is the photo of my trip to California...

John and Friends:– James LOL.


The meaning of this sentence is that when John and his friends saw his photos, they loved it and replied to him with a loving message.


Grammar Use of the word LOL


The word LOL is not used anywhere in English grammar, we just use it in today's chat language. Like I told you that there is no such use in English grammar but with this we can put it in the verb section.


Whenever we want to bring someone's attention to a job or something, we use the word LOL. According to Oxford English it is a slang word which means it is a bad word which should not be used a lot.


This means that it is an abusive word. it is used in foreign countries to humiliate someone or to call someone bad.


Most people know its meaning and it is considered a short form of Laughing Out Loud.

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Note:- Friends, always remember one thing that LOL word should never be used for people older than you because this word is of slightly insulting type, so try to use it only with your friends.


Read this post only for knowledge, because it is used most of the time in other countries, so just to know "what does LOL mean".


Conclusion For "What Is The Meaning Of LOL"


I hope you have liked this article very much and you have got enough information that what is the meaning of LOL and why do we use LOL in whatsapp, how many uses of LOL, where can we use it .


If you liked this article, then do share this article with your friends and families so that they also get a chance to stay updated in today's social media world. If you have any doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

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