10 Eid Games And Fun Activities For Kids

Eid Games And Fun Activities For Kids


Eid Games And Fun Activities For Kids


No matter what religion you belong to, it is important for your child to know about different religions and the festivals associated with them and understand their importance. Whether it is Eid or Bakrid. both festivals teach us that we should trust our God, sometimes our God tests us, he just wants to see how much you love him and we do with our faith and dedication. Do your best to please your God.


Eid-ul-Adha, also known as Bakrid, is a big festival of Muslims which is celebrated with great pomp all over the world. It is said that this festival is the 'festival of sacrifice' in which the messenger of Islam, Ibrahim, gave up the attachment of even his son to God's consent. It is also the month when people return after performing Hajj, which is a pilgrimage for followers of Islam that must be completed once in their lifetime.

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The festival is celebrated by children and children understand only one meaning of the festival, lots of fun and frolic, so let's look at some such Eid games for kids so that your child can also be a part of this celebration.


10 Eid Games And Fun Activities For Kids List


Fun Games and Interesting Activities for Kids on the occasion of Eid.

1. Decorate The Home Using Arabic Script On Eid


English and other native languages ​​are taught in most schools. So, there is a good chance that when you can ask your child to decorate the house in Arabic script in different ways, it will look amazing and the kids will have fun as well as learn a new language.


Give your child some positive messages related to the festival or ask them to write wishes which are in English as well as in Urdu and other languages. If the child is not able to do this, then you can take the help of internet for this.

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2. Decorate The Glass Jar With Colorful Paper On Eid


All you need is a glass jar, some color paper, water and glue. Mix the glue and water together and apply well to the surface of the jar.


Then let your child stick the colored paper pieces on the jar. Keep in mind that the jar should be well covered with paper.


Once this is done, apply another layer of glue to stick it well and then let it dry.


You can keep a candle or small bulb in it during the night and then keep the jar in a safe place. The light coming out of the jar will look awesome.


3. Build A Telescope To See The Moon On Eid


The moon plays an important role in the announcement of Eid, which shows that the next day is Bakrid.


Let your kids make their own binoculars using the empty box that they will use to see the moon. You can turn it into a game where the child can see the moon from different places in the house.


4. Decorate The House With Moon-Star Pendants On Eid


Gather several old color papers, magazines or gift wrappers. You draw the stars and the moon with the help of a marker. Then give it to your child to use child friendly scissors to cut it.


Using you some duct tape and strings, affix the moon and stars.

Now, you can tie these moon stars pendants on the curtains, this way and the moon stars will be visible everywhere in your home.


5. Make Your Own Kaaba Out Of Paper On Eid


Get out an old cardboard box that is easily available at home.


Buy dark colored paper and cover the cardboard completely with it. Use glue to stick the paper to the box.


Let your child take help of the internet to see a picture of the Kaaba, decorate it like a Kaaba with golden stripes and it will look very real.


6. Wear Arabic Dress On Eid


Girls can wear scarves and long dresses with traditional Arabic prints or designs on them. Also boys can wear Arabic turbans, fake beards and look like a real Arabic at home.


Learning a few lines of Urdu or Arabic can also be a fun activity.


7. Create A Gift Envelope For Eid


When visiting guests, relatives or friends, gifting them a card or giving any item or money in an envelope is considered very good during the festival.

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You can buy plain white envelopes from the store for this and give it to your child to decorate.


Ask the child to use Arabic script to wish Eid Mubarak on the envelope, which also has a good message.


8. Build The Lantern On Eid


All you need is tin cans and their lids to make this craft.


Sketch the design of a mosque or moon so that the outline itself shows what it is.


Stick the paper on the tin and give it to your child. Now, let him through the pin to pierce the design on the tin. Keep in mind that you should be very careful while doing this.


After the cans are pierced, decorate the tin with ribbon or colored paper. Put the lid on the can and tie a thread on it.


When hanging it, put the bulb inside. As soon as you turn on the bulb, the design on the lid will light up.


9. Explain The Importance Of The Festival To The Children


When children are young they do not know the reason behind the festival or other rituals, so they should explain the importance of the festival in another way, so that they understand the point quickly.


Make this Eid memorable and tell the history of the festival to the kids in a funny way or through a story.


You can use pictures to tell the history of the festival or use a world map to tell your child about various events. Also you can tell the story behind the festival to the child in an animated way with different characters, voices and sounds, they will enjoy listening to it.


10. Make Dry Fruit Sweets For Everyone On Eid


The biggest feature of Eid is the delicious dish made on this day, which no one can live without eating.


Making sweet balls with dry fruit mixture is a great way to welcome or say goodbye to your guests.


You first prepare this mixture and then ask the children to make sweet balls. But before that, once you tell them how to make balls so that they can know what size balls to make.


Set the paper container on a plate and then place the sweets in it and serve them to the guests.


Eid Games And Fun Activities For Kids - Conclusion


           Eid is a day of celebration, meeting each other and celebrating a lot. This is the day when all the family members share happiness together. Here you have been told many craft activities for kids on the occasion of Eid which will help the child to understand his culture, apart from this children will also learn to enjoy the festival and interact with people.

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