How To Draw Birds Step By Step 🐦

How To Draw Birds Step By Step


How To Draw Birds Step By Step 🐦


Children are naturally very imaginative and have a lot of creativity. By engaging them in art and craft activities, parents can foster their creativity and imagination.


If your child is interested in drawing, you can teach him to draw something simple, such as drawings of birds or animals. This will develop their skills and keep their interest.

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This step by step guide is a great way to teach your child a new drawing. It is very simple and your child will enjoy a lot while doing it. So is your child ready to learn drawing of a bird.


Things Needed To Make A Bird Drawing


You will need the following materials to make a good bird drawing.


  •  A Graphite Pencil HB Or B Type
  • Eraser
  • One A4 Size Plain Paper/Plain White Sheet


How to Draw Birds for Kids in 5 Simple Steps


Here's a simple guide to help you create the perfect bird drawing in five easy steps. This guide is perfect for beginners.


1. Draw the outline


To draw the outline of a bird's head and body, all you need to do is draw a candy cane. As shown in the picture below, you can draw a line and curve it slightly at the top to make a bird's head. Draw a small curve for the bird's beak.


how to draw a bird flying step by step

2. Draw the Eyes


Draw a small circle inside the curved head and fill it in to make eyes and then draw the bird's beak as in the picture.


how to draw a bird flying step by step

3. Draw the wings and full body of the bird


To draw the bird's wings, draw a semi circle connecting it to the outline. Then draw a big semi circle and add it to the bottom as in the picture. The small curved part at the bottom will become the bird's tail.


how to draw a bird flying

4. Draw the Feathers and Feet of the Bird


Draw three arcs inside the semi-circle to form the bird's feathers, and draw two arcs one below the other on the inside of the tail. Draw two small ridges parallel to each other from the outer semi-circle to make the legs and smaller arcs inside the ridges.


how to draw a bird flying

5. Color the Bird


Color the bird with yellow and orange colors or the child can also paint them with colors of their choice. Paint the eyes yellow as in the picture and the rest of the body with dark orange paint. The bird's beak should be brown.


How To Draw Birds Step By Step

How To Draw Birds Step By Step- Conclusion


In these 5 simple steps, your child will have learned to draw a bird. Now let him practice drawing this bird drawing and then teach him to draw other animals too.


Drawing is a great habit that will increase your child's focus, as well as develop hand and eye coordination and imagination. So let him create his own beautiful world and make the drawing himself.

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