How To Lock Apps In iphone – Step By Step

How To Lock Apps In iphone – Step By Step

How To Lock Apps In iphone – Step By Step


Android OS allows users to lock apps using third-party apps or the in-built app locker on some selected Smartphones. But iOS does not allow its users to lock apps directly from App Locker.


However, with the introduction of the Screen Time feature in iOS 12, the task of locking apps has become easier. There is a way to lock individual apps on the iPhone. This is how you can lock individual apps on iPhone using Screen Time.

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How To Lock Apps In iphone With Screen Time Passcode


To do this, first open Settings on your iPhone. Then in the list of tabs, look for Screen Time and tap on it. Now click on App Limits. Next, enable App Limits. Tap on Add Limit. Now, you will see a list of categories. If you want to lock the social media app, you can tap on 'Social'. Now, out of all the apps on the list, find and tap on the one you want to lock, and hit the Next button at the top right corner.


Now you have to set a timer, however there is no direct way to lock the app and hence, you have to set a time limit. From the slider, select 1 minute as this is the minimum time. After the set time has elapsed, the app will be locked automatically. Make sure you have enabled the 'Block at the end of Limit' option. Click on the 'Add' button in the upper right corner.

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Now, the app you just added will have a limit of 1 minute. This means that when the 1 minute elapses after opening the app, the app will be automatically locked with a passcode. If you want to lock the app, you have to first open the app for 1 minute and after that, it will be locked.


If you want to unlock it, you can tap on the 'Ask For More Time' option and click on 'Enter Screen Time Passcode'. After entering the passcode, you can unlock the app. The limitation here is that once the app is unlocked, it will remain open for at least 15 minutes. So, if someone tries to open the app within that 15 minutes, they can access it.


How to Lock Apps on iPhone Using Third-Party Apps?


If you have a jailbroken iOS device then you can easily use third-party applications to lock apps. There is no official application present on the App Store to lock apps on iOS devices. Therefore, you can only use third-party apps such as BioProtect, Locktopus, and AppLocker on jailbroken devices.

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How To Lock Apps In iphone - Conclusion

So, it was all about locking apps on iPhone? Do not hesitate to use the comment section for any suggestions and doubts regarding the post. Until then, keep visiting Gameappsinfo for more such tech and gaming guides.

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