The Meaning Of Colors In Dreams

The Meaning Of Colors In Dreams


The Meaning Of Colors In Dreams


It is true that every human being lives two lives in his life. The first is that which he lives in the waking state, the second is the life that he lives with his eyes closed, that is, his dreams. He doesn't have even one percent control over his life in the dream world.


fantasy world of dreams


That world is completely fictional and runs against his will. That is why man is always trying to solve the mystery of his dream world. Every time he tries to understand the dreams he sees with his sleepy eyes closed.


The meaning of colors in dreams


Everyone wants to know the meaning of their dreams that after all what they saw in the dream is related to their real life. Will that dream bring any result for him in future or was it just a scene which does not exist in his life.

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Well whatever be the result but still people try to understand the things seen in dreams. Many times after getting up, he has a complaint that he does not even remember the dream he had seen a few moments ago and many times he sees such a terrible dream that he does not forget his life. Some people say that they see certain types of colors around them in their dreams.


Meaning of colors in dreams


Why does this happen What does it mean to have colors in dreams? Because people usually find dreams tied up in a black and white scene. Then what is the significance of seeing other colors in a dream? Does it point to something?


What do these colors say in dreams?


Experts believe that the colors seen around a person's aura in dreams try to explain something to him. This has clearly been seen to be related to his life. These colors bring some messages for them, which need to be understood.

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Seeing red, blue, yellow colors in dreams


The presence of colors like red, blue, yellow, green etc. in dreams makes a meaning. But if there are only black and white colors apart from these colors, it does not mean that these two colors are meaningless. Like other colors, black and white convey certain meanings in dreams. So in the next slides know what the colors coming in dreams say.


seeing red color in dreams


This color is a symbol of power. This color represents your physical energy. Along with this, red color is also considered a symbol of fire. But what does it mean when this color appears in our dreams?


fire symbol


Experts believe that one of the meanings of the red color seen in our aura in dreams is that it is alerting us to something. Perhaps there is a threat to our physical energy or we need to be careful about our health or it may be pointing to some energy that needs to be exposed.


seeing orange color in dreams


Orange color is considered a symbol of enthusiasm. It is a color that encourages us to do the right thing. Along with this, we get to learn from the orange color that the balance of all things in our life should be maintained.

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pointing to balance


If orange color appears in our dream it means there is something in our life which we need to balance. We may be unable to strike a balance between our personal lives and the outside world. Apart from this, seeing orange color in the dream also indicates us to some important work which has been pending for a long time.


seeing yellow color in dreams


The color yellow is a feeling we go through on a daily basis. The color of sunlight is yellow which we feel every day and it also has a lot of effect on us. It is the responsibility of sunlight that it showers on us daily with its rays and makes us feel refreshed.


Missed a task


Similarly, if this color comes in our dreams also, then it makes us realize that perhaps some of our duty has remained incomplete. There is some task that we need to remember and complete it. Apart from this, we also have to know from this color what effect our things have on the society.


seeing green color in dreams


Green color indicates love, care, nature and our healing nature. This green color has always been considered a symbol of development. Then what is the meaning of this color appearing in our dreams?


green color symbol of love


One of its meanings points towards our loved ones. It tells us that perhaps we have fallen behind in love and affection for our loved ones. Or someone really needs us. Apart from this, this color also indicates us to keep moving forward on the path of development.


seeing blue color in dreams


As soon as we see the blue color, we feel mentally refreshed. That's why it is believed that blue color works to provide positive energy to the human brain and when this color comes in our dreams, it gives some special message.


share suggestions


Experts believe that dreaming of blue color means that a person needs to share the artistic ideas hidden inside him with the world. What he thinks, what he feels about a particular thing and how much effort he can make for its development, it should also be told to the people around him.


seeing purple color in dreams


Seeing purple in dreams is probably considered better than seeing all other colors. It is a color whose coming in dreams can be considered a 'luck'. Experts say that violet color, if understood from the context of bodily chakras, is a color that is present at the top and absorbs all the information around it.


seeing lucky color in dreams


Just as a lotus flower begins to wrap its leaves in itself, in the same way you infuse a wonderful power with the purple color in your dreams. This color comes in your dreams and tries to explain to you the moments of your life that you have to achieve.


black and white dreams


But what if your dreams are colourless, other than these colors? By color I refer to black and white dreams. It is believed that most people come to dreams in black and white, there are very few people who are able to experience other colors apart from these two colors in dreams.


What is the meaning of black and white dreams?


If you are having black and white dreams then it means that these dreams are trying to explain to you some aspect of your real life through their visuals. Black and white dreams are those dreams which you can see very clearly. Maybe these dreams are indicating some day to come.


Characteristics of black and white dreams


But one of the specialties of black and white dreams is that like a page of a newspaper, they help in understanding every aspect of the dream. You can see them clearly, understand them and even compare them by connecting them with your real life.


So in future now if you dream of any color, then you should try to know the meaning of that color.

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