What Is TRP And Its Full Form In Media

What Is TRP And Its Full Form In Media

What Is TRP And Its Full Form In Media

Friends, if you watch television, then you must have heard a word TRP, in many TV programs or TV serials, it is repeatedly told that the TRP of this serial is too high or the TRP of this channel is low. Many people keep discussing that the TRP of BIG BOSS is high or that of any other serials is less. But they don't really understand anything about TRP.


So, in today's article, we will understand in very easy language what is TRP? What is the meaning of TRP in media, TRP Full Form and how can it be found out which channel has how much TRP and what does it have to do with any channel or TV programs.


What is TRP?


TRP is the most important tool to measure how popular any channel or TV program is. TRP holds a very important place in the world of television. The more people watch any channel or any program, the higher will be its TRP.

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Friends, in our homes, from children to old people, all the people have their own channel of choice or some TV serials are definitely there or you say, in such a situation people keep watching the programs of their choice.


Through TRP, we can find out how many people are watching any channel in a day, what age people are watching, at what time they are watching and in which place.

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With TRP, Advertisers companies or investors are able to find out which TV channel or serials people are watching at a particular time, so that these Advertisers companies and investors decide which advertisement to run at that particular time, so that their good Wide publicity can be done and their products can be sold in the markets.


TRP Full Form In Media


The full form of TRP in media is "Television Rating Point".


How Is TRP Calculated?


There is an organization named BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) to find out TRP. Which puts People's Meter in people's homes. Friends at present, People's Meter is installed in 44000 houses of India. Most of these are engaged in urban areas and some are also engaged in villages so that the mentality of the people of these areas can be known that what people are watching.


People's Meter is installed in the homes of people of all ages, in some houses where there are more children. Some have been put in such houses where women are more and some are installed in such places where men are more, it is also installed in different language areas so that it can be found that what people are watching and when and when looking at.


And all this information, this People's Meter sends a moment's update to its Monitoring Team (Indian Television Audience Measurement), through which the Monitoring Team after analyzing all these data, Weekly, and Monthly Top 10 Rating Channels and different Releases the list of TV Shows, Serials in the category and tells how much is the TRP of a particular channel or TV shows.


Note – Click here to check TRP of TV Channels:- Click on BarcIndia


What Happens If TRP Is Low Or High?


Audience does not make any difference if the TRP of any channel is more or less, but yes, having more or less TRP has a direct effect on the channel's earnings Because TRP is directly related to the popularity of Channel or TV Shows. So obviously it will have an impact on earnings as well.


For example, why would any advertiser advertise his product on a channel which has less viewership, less number of people are watching it, which has low TRP, And even if he gets ads, he will get less money.


So all the TV channels like SONY, COLOURS, STAR PLUS, AAJ TAK, NDTV ETC Channels always have the tension that the TRP of their channel does not decrease Because advertising is the big source of income for all these channels.


If the TRP of any channel or any TV Shows is decreasing in any week, then that particular channel will get very less advertisement in that week and even if advertisement is received, then it may not be of any big brand, so that all these channels can get Sometimes heavy losses have to be suffered.


How Does TV Channel Earn From TRP?


In this way, the source of TV channel's earnings is a little bit through sponsorship, subscription etc., but 80% of the TV channel's earnings come from advertising. You must have noticed while watching TV that after every few time interval 2-3 minutes of advertisement comes. And these TV channels charge a lot of money to feature these advertisements on their channel.


The rate of these ads is decided through TRP, the higher the TRP of the channel, the more money it will take to feature the channel advertisement. Sometimes these channels charge lakhs of rupees for running advertisements.


For example, in the India-Pakistan match of Cricket World Cup, these channels charge lakhs of rupees per second for advertising feature. Because millions of people are watching the India-Pakistan match simultaneously and in such a situation, if advertisements run during these matches, then the companies running these advertisements get a lot of publicity. Due to which their brand value is created and their products start selling easily in the markets.


What Is TRP And Its Full Form In Media- FAQS


Q. What is the benefit of TRP?


Ans - Wherever you go in simple words, then the public does not get any benefit from TRP. Advertising companies especially benefit from TRP, they get to know which program of which TV channel is being watched the most in the country. According to this rating, advertising companies enter into agreements with TV channels for advertising.


Q. How is TRP made?


Ans – Any TV channel or its programs, serials are being viewed the most, in which location, in which location, for how long it is being watched, all these things are ascertained from the TRP rating.


Q. What is TRP Full Form in Media?


Ans – The full form of TRP in media is Television Rating Point. The TRP of any TV channel depends on the TV programs being displayed, that means, the more people will watch any channel or any program, then its TRP will also be higher.


Friends, in today's article, we talked about what is TRP and what is the full form of TRP in media, so now you must have understood that how important is TRP for any TV channel.


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