What Is Wifi Calling And How To Use It ?

What Is Wifi Calling And How To Use It


What Is Wifi Calling And How To Use It


What Is Wifi Calling - It must have happened to you that you will be stuck in some trouble and your phone will not have network at that time. The solution to this type of problem is WiFi calling or VoWiFi.


Friends, after Airtel, now Jio has also launched the facility of WiFi calling for its users, now you will be able to talk to your smartphone absolutely free by making WIFI calls.


Yes friends, in today's article we are going to tell you about what is WiFi calling, VoWIFI calling or Jio and Airtel to voice over WiFi calling in Android phone and what are its benefits and supported device smartphones.

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So let's start and know how to do WiFi calling or calling without internet in Android smartphone and where is the WiFi calling option in your phone.


What is Wi-Fi Calling ?


WiFi Calling or VoWiFi Calling is a feature that allows you to call and talk for free using WiFi without a network (such as WiFi Hotspot, Public WiFi or Home WiFi). With the help of Wi-Fi Calling, you will be able to do both voice calling and video calling absolutely free.


If we understand in simple language what is WiFi calling, then let us tell you that WiFi calling is a path breaking technology that allows customers to make and receive calls over WiFi networks using their existing phone numbers.

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You can also call VoWiFi as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), this feature is found in most video calling apps.


Let us also tell you that before VOWI-FI, all calls were made on VOLTE, for which it was mandatory to have a network.


what is needed for jio wifi calling ?


To make WiFi calling, you must have a WiFi calling support smartphone, you can easily check the eligibility and capability of your smartphone by visiting the Jio and Airtel website, if your phone supports WiFi calling then you You can easily do WiFi calling in your smartphone.


Along with this, you also need to have an active tariff plan.


Wi-Fi Calling Supported Device















How to make wifi calling ?


  • Go to Setting:- To make a Wi-Fi call, first of all go to the setting of your WiFi calling supported smartphone.
  • Go to Connections:- Go to Connections option in Settings and click on Wi-Fi Calling option.
  • Turn On Wi-Fi Calling:- Now turn on the Wi-Fi Calling option here.
  • Connect Your WIFI:- Now to make Wi-Fi calling from your phone, connect your Smartphone to any other WiFi Hotspot, Public WiFi or Home WiFi on your phone's WiFi.
  • WiFi Calling Button:- If your phone is supporting WiFi calling feature, then WiFi logo will also appear on your calling SIM.
  • Make WiFi Calls:- Now you can start making WiFi calling by dialing any number, as soon as you call any number, you will see the WiFi calling icon in the notification also.


How much do you have to pay for wifi calling ?


The feature of WiFi calling is currently being provided absolutely free, but to use this feature, you must already have some voice tariff plan or you can say that along with your Voice Calling Tariff, the feature of WiFi Calling It is being made available for free.


Friends, the facility of WiFi calling is absolutely free, but when you call someone from your phone, then the balance will definitely be deducted from your phone, that is, the charges that are currently being charged from your SIM for normal calling are also applicable for Wi-Fi calling. Will be.

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Benefits of Wi-Fi Calling


Calls in No Network Area:- Friends, the feature of WiFi calling is going to be very useful for you when you reach a No Network area, here you can easily connect your phone to any Internet Enabled WiFi for voice and video. can call.


Example-1:- Suppose there is no network in your office but you have got WiFi installed for internet, then you can easily make calls by connecting your phone to WiFi.


Example-2:- Friends, sometimes it happens even in metro that your phone does not have network and you have to make a lot of urgent calls, so for this you can easily enjoy calling by connecting your phone to metro's WiFi. Huh.


Voice Enhancement: - Friends, you must have seen many times that when you make a normal VoLTE call, then you have to face many problems in calling in Jio WiFi, you will get better quality and HD calls facility.

When you make a call, you will be able to call from your mobile number even in WiFi, so that the caller will not have any problem in recognizing you.

For this you will not need to download any software, you just enable the option of Jio WiFi in your phone and enjoy WiFi calling.


Uninterrupted calls: - Friends, today with WiFi calling, you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted calls, many times it happens to you that you talk and as soon as you go inside a basement or house, the network goes away due to which your calling gets interrupted. And you are not able to talk properly, you will not have to face such problems with WiFi calling.


Latest Software Version: - First of all, you should check whether your phone is updated or not, that is, the version of your phone is latest or not, if your phone is not updated then update it.


Enable WiFi Calling Feature: - If your phone is updated then check whether you have turned on the feature of WiFi calling in your phone or not, if you have not turned it on then turn it on now


High Speed ​​WiFi Network:- Your phone must be connected to a high speed hotspot or WiFi network to make WiFi calling.


Use VoLTE and WiFi Calling:- For better convenience of WiFi calling in your phone and to make calls without interruption, keep both VoLTE and WiFi calling feature enabled in your phone.

What Is Wifi Calling- Conclusion

So friends, now you must have understood what is WiFi calling or Voice over WiFi calling, how to use WiFi Calling in your smartphone and what is WiFi calling supported device.


If you like this information about our WiFi calling, then definitely share it with your friends so that they can also get such information and they too can make their life easy and accessible with this new technology.

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